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‘What the Health’ explores how corruption and collusion are keeping Americans sick

This is the latest mind-bending film from the makers of ‘Cowspiracy,’ and the subject is no less controversial this time round. […]

Getting down and dirty about the hygiene hypothesis

There are “old friends”- bugs that we need, and there are killer pathogens. So you still have to wash your hands. […]

Unilever’s game-changing decision to reveal fragrance ingredients

Listing of specific ingredients under the mysterious “fragrance” catch-all has never been required by the government; Unilever’s voluntary move to list them is a big deal. […]

This high-quality ink is made from air pollution harvested from vehicle tailpipes

What if the ugly, in this case air pollutants, could give birth to something beautiful? […]

DIY wood mold for BioSand water filter system is a low-tech clean water solution

This water filtration solution requires no electricity, has no moving parts, and can be built affordably with locally available materials. […]

Bacteria-powered battery made from a single sheet of paper

The earth-friendly bio-battery could be used in remote areas, for disaster relief and more. […]

The Long Drop is a lovely loo

Architect designs a composting toilet that is “no cost, no impact” […]