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Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Resigns as C.E.O.

Taking a start-up chief executive to task so publicly is relatively unusual in Silicon Valley, where investors often praise entrepreneurs and their aggressiveness, especially if their companies are growing fast. It is only when those start-ups are in a precarious position or are declining that shareholders move to protect their investment. Continue reading the main story In the case of Uber — one of the most highly valued private companies in the world — investors could lose billions of dollars if the company were to be marked down in valuation […]

Witnessing the Beauty of the Greater Grand Canyon

I recently came back to New England from a visit to the Grand Canyon National Park–a trip that reaffirmed my commitment to protect this spectacular place and the surrounding area for future generations. With Roger Clark of the Grand Canyon Trust and Environment America’s Bret Fanshaw as my guides, I hiked the rim from Hopi Point to the Bright Angel Trailhead, taking in breathtaking views of the colorful canyon walls, forged 17 million years ago by the Colorado River. As we took in the sights, North America’s largest old growth ponderosa pine forest stood around us. We were joined by a member of the Navajo Nation working with the Grand Canyon Trust, who shared with us the importance to the surrounding tribes of the area, home to more than three thousand archeological sites dating back millennia. Her words echoed those of Edmond Tilousi, vice chairman of the Havasupai Tribe, who told elected leaders recently: “I have lived in and around the Grand Canyon all of my life, and in later years I saw the wonders of these lands. It was then I saw the power and the spirit of God.” The millions of visitors who flock to the Grand Canyon National park draws each year for hiking, rafting, camping and more, must share some of this sentiment. But the 1 million-acre park, for all its beauty, is not without scars. Not far from Hermit’s Rest Overlook, we saw the remnants of Orphan Mine, once the nation’s largest source of uranium […]

Check Out The Willamette Week’s Lady Run Dispensary Tour

Heard about a fun sounding event coming up in Portland. It’s a dispensary tour for ladies, put on by Willamette Week. Below are the details (get tickets at this link here): COME ALONG… as we visit four of Portland’s premiere lady-run dispensaries. Guests will ride in style with Old School PDX to each shop on […]

Why ‘SFI’ is the label to seek in the grocery aisle

You can find the SFI label on hundreds of everyday products, from milk and paper cups and plates to cosmetics and school supplies. […]

Terroir Talk: Tasting the Earth in Your Wine

Madeline Blasberg, Wine Columnist for the Menuism Wine Blog In wine jargon, terroir is a term that is trending amongst oenophiles and befuddling wine novices. Though the frilly French pronunciation (ter-wahr) may scare you off, it’s actually a useful term that will help you become a savvy wine drinker — and earn a few wine vocab points along the way. Terroir comes from the Latin root meaning “earth” and refers to the collection of environmental elements that give wine a sense of place. Though the term was tossed around in the 17th Century, terroir became a hit in 1831, thanks to Dr. Denis Morelot, a wealthy landowner in Burgundy. […]

Green gift guide 2013: DIY

This year, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite DIY projects to inspire homemade presents for everyone on your list. […]

My Favorite Stories in Design: July to December 2012

These stories from the past six months tell a lot about the shape of things to come in 2013. […]