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Dr. Dustin Sulak Discusses Cannabis Dosing Strategies

I have had a lot of talks lately with people about cannabis dosing strategies. It’s a concept that wasn’t really around in decades past for the most part, at least not in any widespread way. However, cannabis consumption is getting more and more sophisticated, and people in regulated states can (and often do) measure and […]

Everyone Should Own Copies Of The ‘Cannabis Health Summit’

The Virtual Cannabis Health Summit occurred recently, and it was fantastic. Everyone I’ve talked to has said so. The speakers at the virtual summit were second to none, and the amount of information provided was substantial. The summit was completely free to watch live too, which was why I told so many people to check […]

Know Someone Skeptical Of Medical Marijuana? Invite Them To Watch The Free Virtual Cannabis Health Summit

We all know that one friend or family member that is very stubborn about their stance against medical marijuana. You can tell them until you are blue in the face about the medical benefits of marijuana, about how the federal government has patents involving the medical benefits of marijuana, and about all the science and […]

Get Expert Medical Cannabis Info For Free At The Virtual Cannabis Health Summit

Getting quality medical cannabis ;information is not as easy as people would think. You can search online all day, and be left wondering what information you read was credible and what wasn’t. Likewise, you can go to your doctor for advice but chances are they either won’t want to talk about it at all, or don’t […]

See Steve DeAngelo Speak At The Upcoming Free Virtual Cannabis Health Summit

There is an event coming up that I’m very happy to voluntarily push. It’s free, people can stream it live over the internet in the privacy of their own homes, and it’s going to feature a laundry list of cannabis experts from doctors and scientists, to medical cannabis industry professionals and beyond. It’s called the […]

Learn More About Cannabis And Cancer At The Free Virtual Cannabis Health Summit

I absolutely hate cancer. If you know someone that is suffering from cancer, is a cancer survivor, or lost their life to cancer, than I’m sure you feel the same. It’s absolutely horrific. My stepdad is fighting cancer for the second time, and it makes my heart heavy just thinking about it. But that’s not […]

Who Will Be Speaking At The Free Virtual Cannabis Health Summit On January 23-24?

The topic of medical marijuana is very complex. It’s more than just buying a bag of cannabis from someone, rolling it into joints, and smoking it. Chances are if you are reading this blog post, it’s because you suffer from some type of ailment or condition, and want to know more about how medical cannabis […]