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How mushrooms might save the honey bee

In the fight against one of the honey bee’s nemesis, the varroa mite, scientists have found an ally in a widely-distributed mushroom. […]

Watch this tiny spider shoot 80-foot-long strands of silk across a river

Spider-Woman is real! This baffling she-spider spins giant webs with fiber stronger than steel. […]

World’s cutest baby turtle is part of an amazing story

Asian giant softshell turtles were once thought to be extinct in the Mekong River; this little trooper is one of 150 hatchlings bringing them back. […]

‘What’s your favorite mistake?’ and other questions to get kids talking at the table

Family dinners are supposed to be a place for deep, meaningful discussion, but it can be hard to get started. […]

Report: Trump’s Paris announcement boosts sales of electric buses

As technology gets cheaper, it’s getting easier to take a real stand on climate. […]

10 animals that outlive humans by a long shot

We may be the species most full of folly, but these long-lived animals get the last laugh. […]

Artists tinker with grass & photosynthesis to create huge living canvases (Video)

Humble grass is transformed into living works of art with a message, using light and a lot of patience. […]