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Donald Trump, Florida, Martin Shkreli: Your Thursday Briefing

• Best of late-night TV. Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary, joined Jimmy Kimmel for an interview. • Quotation of the day. “Is it that she did not show the appropriate degree of horror in herself, by applying?” — Alison Frank Johnson, a director of graduate studies at Harvard, criticizing a decision to overturn the admission of Michelle Jones. Back Story This week in 1974, The Times took notice of a new trend: video games. At a lunch spot in Manhattan, a reporter found two women trying out a tennis game on “a cross between an oscilloscope and a black-and-white television.” They seemed less than impressed, but The Times reported that “thousands” of other Americans were already hooked on “the space age pinball machine.” Photo Ralph Baer, considered by many to be the father of video games, with one of his creations in 1977. Credit Associated Press Two years earlier, the first home video game console had been released: the Magnavox Odyssey, created by Ralph Baer. The impetus? His frustration at having nothing good to watch on TV […]

Introducing the Next New York Times iPad App

We are pleased to unveil a completely redesigned New York Times app for your iPad. To get the new version, go to the App Store and download it. Tap here and then hit the “GET” button.The new app features:• Better performance, greater stability and more efficient downloads• A better organized and more lively Top Stories home screen that showcases the full depth of Times reporting, including views from our Opinion writers and trending stories• A cleaner article experience with bigger photos, 360 videos, and more graphics• Links at the bottom of articles to related coverage so you can dive deep into subjects that interest youPhotoOur new iPad app features a better organized and more lively Top Stories home screen.• Sections are more visual. Swipe left to right to get from section to sectionWe have also preserved popular features such as breaking news notifications, offline reading and an easy-to-navigate section list.How do I download it?Delete the existing NYTimes app from your iPad. Tap here and then hit the “GET” button. You will automatically be signed in if you were logged in on the previous app. If not, you can log in by navigating to settings.What happens to the old app?The old app will eventually be decommissioned, and we will be asking all our readers to shift to the new app.Why do I have to download another app?The new app is what Apple refers to as a “universal” application – meaning we will now maintain a single package of code for all iOS devices. This will allow our team to ship features and address bug reports more quickly for iPad and iPhone users.What if I have more questions?We are eager to hear your feedback and answer your questions. Please write to us at [email protected] reading the main story […]

Uber’s C.E.O. Plays With Fire

UberCab, as it was called at the time, started its service in San Francisco in May 2010. Mr. Camp and Mr. Kalanick picked that name to emphasize the convenience of calling a car on demand from an app. Mr. Kalanick wanted a break from full-time start-up life after running Red Swoosh, so he and Mr. Camp named Ryan Graves, who responded to a call for help on Twitter, as chief executive.A few months later, Mr. Kalanick changed his mind and took over as UberCab’s chief. […]

I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons (Unabridged) – Kevin Hart & Neil Strauss – contributor

I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons (Unabridged)
Kevin Hart & Neil Strauss – contributor
Genre: Comedy
Price: $25.95
Publish Date: June 6, 2017 © ℗ © 2017 Audible Studios […]

Come Sundown (Unabridged) – Nora Roberts

Come Sundown (Unabridged)
Nora Roberts
Genre: Fiction
Price: $23.95
Publish Date: May 30, 2017 © ? © 2017 Brilliance Audio […]

Dragon Teeth: A Novel (Unabridged) – Michael Crichton

Dragon Teeth: A Novel (Unabridged)
Michael Crichton
Genre: Fiction
Price: $21.95
Publish Date: May 23, 2017 © ? © 2017 HarperAudio […]

Become a bat detective with this plug-in device for your smartphone

The Echo Meter can detect, record and identify the sounds of bats nearby. […]