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Europe Edition: Jerusalem, Russia, Volkswagen: Your Thursday Briefing

#briefing-market-module.interactive-embedded .interactive-caption { display: none; } Market Snapshot View Full Overview In the News Photo Credit Noah Berger/Associated Press • Los Angeles commuters drove through showers of ash and flames rose on the horizon as the latest of California’s devastating wildfires began to infringe on the heart of the city. [The New York Times] • Leo Varadkar, the Irish prime minister, said that his British counterpart, Theresa May, promised a new proposal on the future of the Irish border by Thursday to break an impasse in Brexit negotiations […]

Robert Mueller, Jerome Powell, Halloween: Your Tuesday Briefing

• Best of late-night TV. The comedy hosts took stock of the charges filed against Paul Manafort. He’s “one eye patch away from being a Bond villain,” Trevor Noah said. • Quotation of the day. “The lack of an ability to compromise led to the Civil War.” — John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, in an interview on Fox News. Continue reading the main story Back Story We begin Halloween with a ghost story. Stingy Jack invited the devil for a drink. Photo These smiling faces have a spooky history. Credit Mike Segar/Reuters As Irish folklore goes, Jack didn’t want to pay for the drinks, so he persuaded the devil to turn himself into a coin that could be used to settle the bill. The devil agreed, but Jack ditched the tab and kept the coin […]

Ireland to Hold Abortion Referendum Next Year

Passed when the Republic of Ireland was widely seen as the world’s most conservative Roman Catholic country, the Eighth Amendment has been challenged repeatedly in the decades since, both by abortion-rights groups and by an increasingly liberal citizenry angered by scandals arising from the ban.Continue reading the main storyAfter the “X Case” of 1992, in which a 14-year-old rape victim was prevented from traveling to Britain for an abortion, voters passed a constitutional amendment that left the ban intact but recognized a woman’s right to travel abroad. Another amendment, also passed in 1992, permitted Irish women to obtain information on abortion services overseas, which had been prohibited by the state.Much of the impetus for the new constitutional effort stems from the case of Savita Halappanavar, 31, an Indian-born dentist who died of sepsis after miscarrying in a Galway hospital in 2012. Having learned that her 17-week-old fetus would not live, Ms. […]

Europe Edition: Poland, Turkey, Roger Federer: Your Monday Briefing

#briefing-market-module.interactive-embedded .interactive-caption { display: none; } Market Snapshot View Full Overview In the News Photo Credit Pool photo by Kamil Zihnioglu • Emmanuel Macron, the French president, denounced French collaboration with Nazi Germany at a memorial event in Paris for the roundup of more than 13,000 Jews in 1942. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, attended the event. [France 24] • Relatives of the 298 people who were killed on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, which was shot down over Ukraine three years ago today, will gather in Amsterdam to unveil a forest monument to honor the victims. [RFE/RL] • Negotiations on Britain’s departure from the E.U. resume today in Brussels. The Irish border and citizens’ rights are on the agenda. [New York Times] • Europol said that 66 people have been arrested on suspicion of selling Portuguese and Spanish horse meat unfit for human consumption across Europe. […]

The Irish End Games, Books 1-3 – Susan Kiernan-Lewis

The Irish End Games, Books 1-3 Susan Kiernan-Lewis Genre: Fiction & Literature Publish Date: November 24, 2013 Publisher: San Marco Press Seller: Susan Kiernan-Lewis The first three books of the Irish End Games take an average American family and puts them in the middle of a post-apocalyptic meltdown in a rural setting in Ireland. Free Falling shows the family "when the bomb drops" and how they're able to learn what they need to do to survive. Going Gone continues their story when Sarah is brutally taken from the home she has created in Ireland and risks life, limb and much more to return to her family. Heading Home tells the story of rescue finally coming–and how that turns into the biggest upheaval of all.  These books are thrilling page-turners that will have you stocking your pantry for the apocalypse and wondering how well you really know your neighbors. […]

Secrets and Sensibilities – Regina Scott

Secrets and Sensibilities The Lady Emily Capers Regina Scott Genre: Historical Publish Date: February 1, 2013 Publisher: Regina Scott Seller: Smashwords When art instructor Hannah Alexander agrees to accompany four of her students on a country house visit before Easter, she never dreams of entering into a dalliance with the owner David Tenant, the handsome new Earl of Brentfield. But one moment in his company and she’s in danger of losing her heart. There are secrets aplenty at Brentfield, enough to challenge any lady’s sensibilities, even those of Hannah’s protégé, Lady Emily Southwell. As events unfold at Brentfield, Hannah quickly learns that loving David comes at a price, to her future plans of being a portrait painter, to her position as a teacher, and to her very life. This clean romance with a touch of romantic suspense was previously published by Zebra as A Dangerous Dalliance. Five Stars!” I enjoyed this enchanting romantic suspense tale which was full of twists and turns throughout. I found this novel hard to put down and was up into the wee hours of the morning reading.” – Affaire de Coeur “I loved this book. The Colonial Upstart of an earl paired with a lovely art teacher is a brilliant stroke and the writing matches her plot . . . . This is a page turner, and I defy a reader to put the book down until finished.” – Noted Regency author Emily Hendrickson “Regina Scott’s irresistible characters will win your heart.” – Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling author, on Regina Scott’s Starstruck Regency author Regina Scott started writing novels in the third grade. Thankfully for literature as we know it, she didn’t actually sell her first novel until she had learned a bit more about writing. Since her first Regency romance was published in 1998, her stories have traveled the globe, with translations in many languages including Dutch, German, Italian, and Portuguese. She and her husband of nearly 25 years reside in southeast Washington State with their overactive Irish terrier. Regina Scott is a decent fencer; owns a historical costume collection that takes up over a third of her large closet; and is an active member of the Church of the Nazarene. […]

Captain of My Heart – Danelle Harmon

Captain of My HeartDanelle Harmon Genre: Historical Publish Date: August 29, 2012 Publisher: Danelle Harmon Seller: Danelle Harmon NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Danelle Harmon (author of  the bestselling de Montforte Brothers series) brings together a  dashing Irish privateer, an unforgettable young hoyden, and a cast of  outrageous characters in this fast-paced and adventurous romance set  aboard a New England privateering schooner in the early days of the  American Revolution. Excitement heralds the arrival of Captain  Brendan Jay Merrick, whose daring sea battles against His Majesty’s  fleet have made him a legend in the American colonies. Brendan has  plans for the Ashton Shipyard to build his magnificent new schooner.  But one look at the handsome Irishman, and Ashton’s daughter Mira is  making plans of her own. Disguising herself as a crew member and  sneaking aboard the newly built Kestrel, Mira becomes the schooner’s  sharpest gunner … and the captain’s most outrageous distraction. As  passions flare, desire explodes with the turbulence of an angry sea  with Mira competing against Kestrel for Brendan’s love. But when  tragedy strikes, Mira must join forces with her mighty rival in a  daring adventure that turns the tide of battle and brings glorious  victory to the colonists, the captain … and the lady who has  captured his heart. […]