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More on Tesla falcon wing door: You can now slice vegetables with it

Tesla turns off sensors that detected obstruction, and hilarity (and cucumbers) ensue. But it isn’t funny. […]

Yes, Elon Musk is planning to build a teensy bus

It will evidently be built on the Model X platform and look much like an old VW. […]

New book: ‘The Power of Pulses: Saving the World with Peas, Beans, Chickpeas, Favas & Lentils’

This engaging and informative guide will teach you how to cultivate and eat pulses, and why this is beneficial for everyone, including the planet. […]

Power from poo: Breakthrough could lead to sustainable electricity from sewage

Oh, the wonderful things that poo can do. […]

Glass paint can cool down metal roofs

For many roofs, white paint is the best way to cool down, but for metal roofs a new glass coating could be even better. […]

Jason Mraz is serious about growing his own food

When we think of celebrity farmers, we’re more likely to think of Joel Salatin than folk-pop star Jason Mraz. […]

Genius Dog Learns to Walk Upright After Breaking Her Front Legs

This pooch broke both of her front legs after she jumped from a 6-foot-high deck. Making that jump probably wasn’t the smartest choice, but she did manage to resolve the predicament pretty quickly and resourcefully. She learned how to walk on her hind legs and get herself in and out of doorways, her human Jason Sanders explains on YouTube. The other bonus here is that with her transparent cone of shame and her big green leg braces, she looks like some kind of awesome Star Trek character. We’re all about it. […]