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Trump Blames Justice Department and F.B.I. for Conduct He Says Was ‘a Disgrace’

The president, who first considered getting rid of Mr. Rosenstein last summer, pointedly refused to say on Friday whether he was more likely to do so now, cocking his head and telling reporters who pressed him on the matter: “You figure that out.”The memo described Mr. Rosenstein as one of the senior Justice Department officials who approved an application to extend surveillance of Mr. Page, and suggested that those applications deliberately avoided mentioning that they were based in part on information in a dossier paid for by Democrats.The prospect of Mr. Rosenstein’s ouster set off alarms among Democrats, who said it would be an unacceptable move by the president to thwart an ongoing federal investigation.“We write to inform you that we would consider such an unwarranted action as an attempt to obstruct justice in the Russia investigation,” Democratic leaders wrote in a letter to Mr. Trump shortly after he made his comments at the White House on Friday morning.GraphicConfused By All the News About Russia? We Are Here to HelpMost of the news about Russia falls into one of three categories, which we break down.OPEN Graphic“Firing Rod Rosenstein, D.O.J. leadership, or Bob Mueller could result in a constitutional crisis of the kind not seen since the Saturday Night Massacre,” they wrote […]

News Analysis: The Real Aim of the Nunes Memo Is the Mueller Investigation

Republicans are pushing the narrative that a cabal of politically biased law enforcement officials set out to sabotage Mr. Trump. And they are portraying a dossier written by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent, which laid out unverified claims that Russia had compromised Mr. Trump and was conspiring with him, as the fountainhead of the Russia investigation. That assertion disregards unrelated evidence that Russia sought to influence the election and the pattern of contacts between Russians and Mr […]

Amid Calls from Trump, F.B.I. Renews Questions Over Clinton Foundation

As Mr. Mueller’s investigation has intensified, the president and his conservative allies have mounted blistering counterattacks trying to discredit the F.B.I. and federal prosecutors. Mr. Trump has described the investigation as a witch hunt and accused F.B.I. leadership under the bureau’s former director, James B. […]

‘Very Frustrated’ Trump Becomes Top Critic of Law Enforcement

Mr. Trump has made clear that he sees the attorney general and the F.B.I. director as his personal agents rather than independent figures, lashing out at both for not protecting him from the Russia investigation.In May, he fired the F.B.I […]

Skadden, Big New York Law Firm, Faces Questions on Work With Manafort

Its conclusions provided a counterpoint to international critics who said that Mr. Yanukovych’s government had prosecuted and convicted the former Ukrainian prime minister, Yulia V. Tymoshenko, on corruption charges in 2011 for political reasons and without sufficient evidence.That kind of international consulting by American firms traditionally has not drawn much scrutiny from regulators or the media, but that has changed in the last year, thanks largely to Mr. Manafort’s role as Mr. Trump’s campaign chairman in 2016 after years collecting multimillion-dollar paydays from Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs and political parties.As part of Mr. Mueller’s investigation, prosecutors last month issued grand jury subpoenas seeking testimony from officials from at least two lobbying and public relations firms that worked on the team Mr. Manafort assembled to plead Mr. Yanukovych’s case in Washington — Mercury Public Affairs and the Podesta Group, according to two people with direct knowledge of the subpoenas.PhotoYulia V. Tymoshenko, the former prime minister of Ukraine, was convicted of corruption in 2011. […]

Justice Dept. Says Rights Law Doesn’t Protect Gays

Under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Justice Department has now stepped into the fray, as BuzzFeed reported on Wednesday night. In its court brief, the department noted that every Congress since 1974 has declined to add a sexual-orientation provision to Title VII, despite what it called “notable changes in societal and cultural attitudes.” The brief also claimed that the federal government, as the largest employer in the country, has a “substantial and unique interest” in the proper interpretation of Title VII.“In 2015, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, under Mr. […]

Trump Acknowledges He Is Under Investigation in Russia Inquiry


The rest is here: Trump Acknowledges He Is Under Investigation in Russia Inquiry