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Reusable sponge material can collect oil from both the surface and depths of seawater

This revolutionary new material can be wrung out allowing the oil and the sponge to be used again. […]

Lessons from Livermore: Look at the big picture to figure out where we have to go

We have to stop designing our world around the car, reduce our cooling loads and get a bike. […]

The best battery for storing renewable energy could be made of paper

A new material called Power Paper can store large amounts of energy and recharges in seconds. […]

Transparent Aluminum: IT’S REAL!

Just like Scotty said in Star Trek, it’s tougher, stronger and harder than glass. […]

Making gaming computers more efficient could save $18 billion a year in energy costs

These powerful computers use a lot of energy, but a new study says that a few easy fixes could slash energy use while improving performance. […]

Self-powered camera can take photos forever

The camera runs on the light reflected from its subjects. […]

We’ll see 50% more lightning strikes during the 21st century because of global warming

This might not seem like such a bad thing until you take into account that half of wildfires are started by lightning… […]