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Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens Out of Lebanon, Raising Fears of War


Originally posted here: Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens Out of Lebanon, Raising Fears of War

Asia and Australia Edition: Texas, North Korea, Shinzo Abe: Your Tuesday Briefing

#briefing-market-module.interactive-embedded .interactive-caption { display: none; } Market Snapshot View Full Overview In the News Photo Credit Kham/Reuters • The death toll in Vietnam reached 61 after a typhoon and lashing floods. The government said some dams were dangerously close to bursting. [Reuters] • Hezbollah, the Shiite militia and political party in Lebanon, called for “patience and calm” a day after the prime minister resigned. [The New York Times]. • In Russia, more than 200 people were arrested at a protest linked to a right-wing movement calling for a repeat of the Russian Revolution. [The New York Times] Continue reading the main story • Olympic officials are considering banning Russia’s flag and anthem from next year’s Winter Games in response to its doping violations. [The New York Times] • The best-selling Australian author Libby Weaver recalled 20,000 copies of her new book because she used a derogatory term for Down syndrome. [BBC] • Roasted soy beans, tofu rice and pig’s blood. Here’s a look at North Korea’s black market street food. [Quartz] • A long-lost map of Australia, created by master cartographer Joan Blaeu in 1663, has been restored and is on display at the national library. […]

Retro Report: Special Ops Forces: How Elite Forces Became Military Muscle

But in a stunning operation that began late on July 3, 1976, Israeli commandos swooped in. They killed the hijackers and dozens of Ugandan soldiers, gathered the hostages and flew them to safety. The raid was carried out with near perfection, though it cost the lives of four hostages and of the commando leader, Lt. Col […]

Scaramucci on Leaks: ‘I’m Going to Fire Everybody’

Both Mr. Priebus and Mr. Spicer had argued forcefully against bringing on Mr. Scaramucci, whose hiring seemed to signal a pivot by the White House toward surrounding Mr. Trump with people more likely to stick by the campaign coda of “let Trump be Trump.”On Tuesday evening, Mr. Trump was joined on Air Force One by two former campaign hands, Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie, who traveled with him to Youngstown, Ohio, for a campaign rally.Mr. Trump has long been suspicious, by contrast, of the party committee hires, whose personal loyalty he has repeatedly questioned.For his part, Mr. Short’s standing with the president and his inner circle never fully recovered from the hit it took in October, when he visibly and abruptly departed Trump Tower after the emergence of the “Access Hollywood” tape in which Mr. Trump had been captured in 2005 speaking in vulgar terms about grabbing women’s genitals without their consent. And some in the White House had long believed that Mr. […]

Doctors Work Furiously in Bid to Save Victims of Hospital Rampage

With gunfire thundering through the hospital, doctors dragged their colleagues and patients out of harm’s way and put them on elevators.PhotoPolice officers responding to the reports of an active shooter at the hospital on Friday.Credit Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images“Wherever the doctors found them, they grabbed them, took them out,” Dr. Sridhar Chilimuri, Bronx-Lebanon’s physician in chief, said on Saturday. “The active shooting was still happening while we had them in the operating room. It’s pretty remarkable how well everybody functioned.”Had doctors and nurses not treated the victims where they fell, those who were shot might not have lived.By Saturday, two victims — those with the brain and liver injuries — remained in critical condition, while the rest had been stabilized. The victim with the liver wound was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan for specialized surgery. The victim with the head wound was expected to remain at Bronx-Lebanon.Dr […]

Activist establishes Dumpster Divers Defense Fund to help ‘food waste warriors’

Rob Greenfield’s latest project is meant to help fund the defense of those who are arrested for dumpster diving for wasted food. […]

World Leaders Have An Historic Opportunity To Support Migrants And Refugees

Two years ago, I traveled to the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. […]