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A Trump Budget Would Hurt Americans’ Access To Our Public Lands

President Trump’s first budget completely disregards our environment and the public lands which millions of American families use for recreation. If enacted by Congress, these cuts and program eliminations would wreak havoc on our outdoor economy and the millions of jobs it supports in local communities, and will undermine towns and cities working now to create a clean and healthy future. The President has declared these programs ‘unnecessary.’ We could not disagree more. There is absolutely no economic justification for pulling the rug out from ongoing collaborative local, state and federal efforts aimed at supporting parks, trails and other outdoor recreation needs, all of which sustain a burgeoning $646 billion economy that supports 6.1 million American jobs. Local leaders and communities are on their own as they work for a safe, healthy future for the families who live there. For example, by gutting funds for land protection through the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), America’s most effective conservation program, the Trump plan will harm our national parks. A good example of how LWCF helps came just this week, when we transferred 42 acres of land inside Rocky Mountain National Park to the park. […]

How Family Summer Car Trips Benefit From a Little-Known Program

We are now in the middle of summer, which for many parents often means packing up the car, the kids, and hitting the road to visit favorite haunts or explore new places. I remember summer trips when I was growing up, travelling across the west in the family car, visiting Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks – wowed by the beauty and majesty of our national park system. I also remember a visit to Boston harbor and climbing aboard “Old Ironsides,” the famed Navy ship from the War of 1812. Standing on the deck made real what until then was only a story from a history book. Years later, we shared the same experience with our sons, traveling through Yosemite, Canyonlands and Yellowstone, as well as Native American monuments and Gettysburg. […]