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10 of Our Best Weekend Reads + One Great Video


Originally posted here: 10 of Our Best Weekend Reads + One Great Video

Republican Tax Bill Faces New Uncertainty Ahead of Expected Vote

In a tweet on Thursday afternoon, Mr. Rubio needled Republican leadership, saying, “Tax negotiators didn’t have much trouble finding a way to lower” the top tax bracket and to have the corporate tax cut take effect a year early.Republican negotiators responsible for merging the two bills have made a host of changes to assuage the concerns of businesses and some fellow lawmakers. Those tweaks, which include eliminating the corporate alternative minimum tax and dropping the top individual tax rate to 37 percent from the current rate of 39.6 percent, are expected to drive up the cost of the bill and will need to be paid for to stay in the $1.5 trillion box.“We’re literally trying to squeeze about $2 trillion in tax reform into a $1.5 trillion box, and that’s been a problem,” Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, said this week. Mr. Johnson held out on supporting the initial version of the Senate tax bill until it gave more generous tax breaks to so-called pass-through businesses, whose owners pay taxes on profits through the individual code.Republican lawmakers have so far said little about how the final version of the legislation will be paid for, other than agreeing to nudge the corporate tax rate to 21 percent from the 20 percent in both the Senate and House bills. (The present tax rate is 35 percent.) One idea under consideration, according to Senator Thom Tillis, Republican of North Carolina, is raising the tax rate on profits that companies have parked overseas.GraphicHow the Final Tax Bill Will Affect Families, Homeowners, Businesses and MoreRepublicans have resolved the differences between the two versions of their tax bill.OPEN GraphicBut on Thursday, Republicans were running out of time to make changes and showed little patience for acceding to new demands. Representative Kevin Brady, Republican of Texas and the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, cast doubt on further altering the child tax credit.“We’re at 11:59 on the clock and really the pens ought to be down,” he said on CNN.Senator Rob Portman, Republican of Ohio and a member of the House-Senate committee that negotiated the final tax bill, said the Senate had already battled the House to preserve the Senate’s more generous version of the child tax credit, which doubled to $2,000, with $1,100 of that amount refundable and able to be claimed by families who face no federal income tax liability.“We’ve already won,” Mr. Portman said. “We should take our victory.”At the White House, Mr. […]

Leonardo da Vinci, U.C.L.A. Bruins, Ross 128: Your Thursday Briefing

#briefing-market-module.interactive-embedded .interactive-caption { display: none; } Market Snapshot View Full Overview Smarter Living Tips, both new and old, for a more fulfilling life. • Wealth can cause its own anxieties. • Have a home office? Show it some love. • Recipe of the day: rich, fudgy chocolate-hazelnut brownies. Noteworthy • An Austrian village in China. In today’s 360 video, visit Hallstatt, a small town in the Alps whose distinctive features have been replicated in southern China. Video Visit an Austrian Village, Replicated in China Enter Hallstatt, Austria, a small town in the Alps, and its replica in southern China in 360 video. Explore the towns’ more-than-similar architectural features.By SARAH LI, SAM WOLSON, GUGLIELMO MATTIOLI and VEDA SHASTRI on Publish Date November 16, 2017.Photo by Sam Wolson for The New York Times […]

As G.O.P. Bends Toward Trump, Critics Either Give In or Give Up

Mr. Straus’s dash for the exits followed the retirement announcements of Mr. Flake, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee and Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, Pat Tiberi of Ohio and Dave Reichert of Washington State — all members of the Republican establishment.Many of those who remain will have to accommodate the president to survive primaries from the pro-Trump right. […]

News Analysis: Political Guardrails Gone, a President’s Somber Duty Skids Into Spectacle


The rest is here: News Analysis: Political Guardrails Gone, a President’s Somber Duty Skids Into Spectacle

Kirstjen Nielsen, White House Aide, Is Picked to Run Homeland Security

Former colleagues said on Wednesday that Ms. Nielsen was well qualified.“She’s a total homeland security expert — absolutely has no learning curve,” said Michael Allen, who worked with Ms. Nielsen during the Bush administration. “She’s an experienced manager, she’s an implementer, she knows how to get under the hood and figure out what needs to be connected to what.”Added Frances Townsend, her boss at the White House during the Bush administration: “She is tough as nails, competent and has rightly earned the president’s respect.”Newsletter Sign UpContinue reading the main storyGet the Morning Briefing by EmailWhat you need to know to start your day, delivered to your inbox Monday through Friday.Thank you for subscribing.An error has occurred. Please try again later.You are already subscribed to this email.View all New York Times newsletters.Mr. Kelly and Ms […]

Op-Ed Columnist: Yes, Steve Bannon Should Terrify You


Read the original: Op-Ed Columnist: Yes, Steve Bannon Should Terrify You