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For Florida Keys Residents, Home Was the Ultimate Getaway. Then Irma Hit.

And yet: “I’m going to stay here the rest of my life,” said Bill Cope, 64, who sheltered in the Keys all storm long, and planned to do the same during future hurricanes. “This is my home, and I love working here, and I like the people who are here […]

Kissimmee Police Shooting Leaves Two Officers Dead

The shooting occurred during what Chief O’Dell called a “consensual encounter to get out and check.”PhotoChief Jeffrey O’Dell of the Kissimmee Police spoke during a news conference early Saturday.Credit WESH.com“Nobody was being placed in handcuffs,” the chief said. “If all things checked out, the officers would have been on their way.”Chief O’Dell said officers are often called to North Kissimmee. Residents, he said, “get tired of putting up with some of the drug dealing and nonsense that goes on in the neighborhood.”He added, “And we’re doing our part to try to keep them safe, and then we have this tonight.”In a statement, Gov. Rick Scott said: “Today, I join every Floridian to honor these law enforcement officers, their brothers and sisters in uniform, and their families,” adding that the episode should “be a constant reminder of the sacrifice of those who serve to keep us safe.”President Trump weighed in on Twitter early Saturday morning: “My thoughts and prayers are with the @KissimmeePolice and their loved ones. We are with you!”The Kissimmee shooting was the first of two attacks on Florida police officers Friday night. Two sheriff’s officers in Jacksonville were wounded when they responded to a call about a man making threats to hurt himself and others, officials said.The gunman, identified as Derrick Brabham, 25, fired at them with a semiautomatic rifle around 11 p.m., Sheriff Mike Williams said at a news conference on Saturday.Continue reading the main storyThe police believe Mr. Brabham, who was killed during the altercation, had been drinking, Sheriff Williams said.Newsletter Sign UpContinue reading the main storySign Up for the Race/Related NewsletterJoin a deep and provocative exploration of race with a diverse group of New York Times journalists.Thank you for subscribing.An error has occurred. Please try again later.You are already subscribed to this email.View all New York Times newsletters.The officers, Michael Fox, an 11-year veteran of the force who was undergoing surgery for hand injuries, and Kevin Jarrell, who was alert and “in good spirits” despite having been shot in the stomach beneath his protective vest, were both in stable condition, Sheriff Williams said, adding that it’s “a long road back for both of them.”Rifles are designed to be shot at a long distance, Sheriff Williams said, and body armor cannot stop the velocity of a round.The gunman’s girlfriend and their 19-month-old baby were in the house, in addition to the girlfriend’s mother and a family friend […]

?Google Project Sunroof adds peer pressure: Can its AI shame you into going solar?

You can now find out which neighbors have already installed solar and factor that in to whether to switch to cleaner energy. […]

Iowa City’s Sustainability Showcase: Gaia’s Peace Garden Blooms As Model Urban Oasis

Tucked away at the end of a residential cul-de-sac in Iowa City, just south of Interstate 80 and growing suburbs, the daffodils, violets and hyacinth in bloom, among the peach, pear, cherry and apple blossoms, Blair Frank tends to the medicinal herb section at the privately-owned Gaia’s Peace Garden with the precision of an urban planner. Far from being a “vacant lot,” the eight-year-old Peace Garden initiative under Frank and his wife Mary Kirkpatrick’s tutelage has emerged as a nationally acclaimed sustainability showcase for Iowa City, transforming 1.1 acres of clay soil into a biodiversity hot-spot, a permaculture demonstrate site, a local food and medicinal herb oasis, and a blueprint for city staff and planners on how to incorporate green spaces and commons into neighborhood development. A solar energy panel powers a pump on a small waterfall as a renewable energy demonstration site; a stone labyrinth guides visitors around the Garden sections, where benches and places have been set up for meditation. “It’s a demonstration of some of the most forward-thinking and ecologically sound land management practices available,” said Jennifer Kardos, with the nonprofit Backyard Abundance. “But more importantly, it is place infused with love where community members can gather and imagine a more peaceful way of being in the world. It has been a place of refuge and deep healing for me personally.” Gaia’s Peace Garden has also become a beloved landmark for neighbors, offering a serene and safe place in the urban landscape to reconnect with nature, take a walk during lunch or quietly meet in the evenings. “We love the garden,” said Claudia Sartini-Rideout, whose next-door property overlooks the Peace Garden. “Many of the neighbors often bring their kids there. It is a beautiful and peaceful place, and we are glad it is in our neighborhood. Blair and Mary are great neighbors!” With more than 70 fruit trees, a berry and nut patch, an extensive vegetable garden, a medicinal herb garden, a nationally recognized monarch butterfly way-station of milkweed, nectar sources and shelter, Frank has worked with local groups and biodiversity experts to create the first botanical sanctuary recognized by the United Plant Savers in southeast Iowa. […]

Take the Monkeys and Run – Karen Cantwell

Take the Monkeys and Run A Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Karen Cantwell Genre: Women Sleuths Publish Date: November 2, 2013 Publisher: Boundless Seller: Karen Cantwell Film lover Barbara Marr is a typical suburban mom living the typical suburban life in her sleepy little town of Rustic Woods. Typical that is, until she sets out to find the missing link between a bizarre monkey sighting in her yard and the bone chilling middle-of-the-night fright fest at the strangely vacant house next door. When Barb talks her two friends into some seemingly innocent Charlie's Angels-like sleuthing, they stumble upon way more than they bargained for and uncover a piece of neighborhood history that certain people would kill to keep on the cutting room floor "This fun if light novel's quippy, hilarious character, Barbara Marr, has so much warmth and genuine gumption, you'd certainly want her on your criminal investigative team." – Publishers Weekly […]

Is this a playground or is it a design statement?

A modernist minimalist play structure is built in the middle of a modernist community. […]

Black & Blue – Emma Jameson

Black & BlueEmma Jameson Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers Publish Date: May 12, 2015 Publisher: Lyonnesse Books Seller: Lyonnesse Books The New York Times Bestselling Series MURDER IN MAYFAIR Modern art dealer Granville Hardwick has a way with people — a way of making them wish he were dead. His London gallery is filled with works of questionable merit, his dating pool consists of other men’s wives, and his home is the eyesore of a fine old neighborhood. The neighborhood of Scotland Yard’s Chief Superintendent Tony Hetheridge, as a matter of fact. So when Hardwick turns up dead, bashed on the head by a rather tasteless reproduction, it’s Hetheridge and his new bride, Kate, who embark on solving the case. LORD & LADY HETHERIDGE When he married Kate, Tony expected things to be different. But with Kate’s ne’er-do-well relatives making trouble on the home front, and his own enemies attacking from within Scotland Yard, the case of the dead art dealer and three unfaithful wives might do more than change Mayfair. It might change Lord and Lady Hetheridge forever. Return to the world of Ice Blue in Black & Blue, the fourth in the New York Times bestselling Lord & Lady Hetheridge mystery series, which readers call “witty,” “packed with interesting characters,” and “consistently entertaining.” […]