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Israel, Al Franken, Los Angeles: Your Thursday Briefing

• Best of late-night TV. Trevor Noah noted, “Moving the U.S. […]

Weather Channel Goes Into Overdrive Covering Back-to-Back Hurricanes

For weeks now, the network has broadcast live nonstop, first as Hurricane Harvey inundated Texas, and now as Irma menaces Florida. Roughly 70 reporters and producers are in the field, and many employees have all but moved into company headquarters.“They’re the only broadcast entity that’s covering a Harvey or an Irma 24/7,” said J. Marshall Shepherd, director of the atmospheric sciences program at the University of Georgia. […]

‘Wow’: Stunned TV Hosts Reacted in Real Time to Trump

“They were chanting things like, ‘Jews will not replace us,’” Mr. Benson said. “There’s nothing good about that.”His co-host, Ms. Timpf, a libertarian pundit who contributes to National Review Online, exhaled deeply. “It was one of the biggest messes that I’ve ever seen,” she said. “I can’t believe it happened.”Disbelief also dominated the early reaction on MSNBC and CNN, where Mr […]

One of the biggest problems with Mother’s Day flowers

A new study finds altered neurological performance in children during peak pesticide spraying for the Mother’s Day flower harvest. […]

Swedish shopping center sells only refurbished second-hand items

This brilliant update on the thrift store model includes DIY repair classes, organic food, and a drop-off zone for unwanted items. […]

Threatened Eviction of Camp as Veterans Prepare to Deploy to Standing Rock

The Army Corps of Engineers has announced it plans to evict the Oceti Sakowin Camp, the main camp of the water protectors at Standing Rock where thousands are now living and preparing for winter. But early responses suggest the water protectors will not budge. The Standing Rock Sioux received a letter from the Army Corps of Engineers dated November 25 (the day after Thanksgiving) stating that everyone must leave Army Corps land by December 5. Chairman David Archambault II responded the same day, expressing disappointment, and calling on the Obama administration to protect public health and well being, not by evicting water protectors but by denying the permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline. The other water protectors’ camps are on the reservation and/or private land, so they will not be affected by the eviction. In other relevant news: 1500 unarmed veterans, EMTs, firefighters and others are converging on Standing Rock on December 4 to support and protect the water protectors. This event was announced well before the Army Corps eviction announcement. What will happen if police and National Guard confront the camp, with this massive infusion of veterans who have come to stand with them, is far from clear. At least some water protectors are saying they will not leave: “It is true what they’re trying to do but it won’t matter,” said Joye Braun, an organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network and a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. “We’re going to stand. […]

Take kids outside on Black Friday, instead of to the mall

Here are some simple outdoor activities you can do, and the time will fly by. […]