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Radiator Covers Waste Energy, Period. Don’t Use Them.

Old cast iron rad in our living room. image credit Lloyd Alter Over at the Old House Web, Amy Hayden wrote about Five Benefits to Using Radiator Covers . I didn’t agree with any of them, but they don’t have a commenting feature […]

Plastic Bag Manufacturers Drop Suit Against Reusable Bag Maker ChicoBag

photo: Mike Linksvayer / CC BY The lawsuit against reusable bag maker ChicoBag brought about by a trio of disposable plastic bag manufacturers has come to a conclusion. Two of the plaintiffs, Superbag and Advance Poly Split, dropped their case, while the third, Hilex Poly has settled the case–and even suffered a reverse of sorts…. Read the full story on TreeHugger […]

Did UK Government Ignore Peak Oil Warnings, Or Did It Lie?

Image credit: Bart Everson , used under Creative Commons license. […]

Is It OK to Ask for Solar Panels as a Wedding Gift?

With the royal wedding gift list including donations to green charities , you’d be forgiven for thinking that alternative giving was acceptable these days. But one reader over at The Guardian is concerned that her daughter may be being too unconventional in asking for solar panels as a wedding gift :… […]