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Chris Christie Hits a Closed State Beach, and Kicks Up a Fury

The pictures of the governor lounging in the sand with his wife, Mary Pat, and other family members prompted a torrent of criticism and mockery on social media.For some, Mr. Christie’s defense of the visit called to mind other choice moments from the brash governor’s years in office, like when he told a law student to “shut up” in 2012 when being questioned about the merging of two units of the state university system.Even a Twitter account that satirizes the Chinese government’s propaganda efforts got into the act.After leaving the beach, Mr. Christie held a news conference in Trenton, where he was asked whether he had gotten some sun that day.“I didn’t,” he said, according to The Star-Ledger. “I didn’t get any sun today.”But his spokesman, Brian Murray, recalibrated after being told of the existence of the photos, saying, “The governor was on the beach briefly.”“He did not get any sun,” Mr. […]

45 Images of Life on Earth: Ordinary Moments, Extraordinary Photos

There’s a wonderful gallery on 500px Prime called Here On Earth: Ordinary moments, Extraordinary Photos; and since I started at 500px just a month ago, it is probably my favorite group of images. The gallery doesn’t contain the kind of mind-blowing Photoshop creations, mesmerizing wildlife images, or awe-inspiring landscapes that 500px is probably best known for. What it does contain are images that make us grateful for this piece of space rock we live on — images that move us deep inside, on a human level that transcends the superficial boundaries we’ve erected between one another. Not all are positive images, but then again, the world isn’t always a positive place. Scroll down, be inspired, and enjoy: The Here On Earth gallery actually has even more photos in it. To see all of them, just follow this link. […]

Are electric cars going to make it harder to fix our cities?

Alex Steffen once wrote that “the answer to the problem of the American car is not under the hood.” Is he right? […]