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How to treat your vegetables like meat

Use these techniques to make veggies so good, even the meat-lovers will be salivating. […]

Green beans, potatoes and spinach in coconut curry [Vegan]

It’s so much easier to make than it sounds. A healthy, and oh-so-delicious meal ready in under 30 minutes. […]

Gardening Question of the Day for Sunday, June 2, 2013

I’m advised to “hill” my potatoes, but how? (answer).From The Old Farmer’s Almanac. […]

How To Turn Thanksgiving Into ‘Danksgiving’

Thanksgiving Day Marijuana Recipes If you are cooking with cannabis this Thanksgiving, or you’re just looking for some dank recipes, below are some that I found on TWB and beyond. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Marijuana Turkey Ingredients: 1 medium (12-15lbs) turkey *1/2 cup marijuana butter (For a great recipe for cannabis butter, click this link) ¼ [More] […]

Potatoes And Voles

Strategies for controlling voles in the potatoes in your garden. […]

Making Perfume From Your Garden

Use herbs from your garden,vegetable oil and beeswax to make a solid perfume. […]

Still Creamy Mash Potatoes at Eighty Nine

It’s not Thanksgiving without my mom’s creamy Mash Potatoes, Honestly I can’t remember a time they were lumpy or gooey. They were always just right. […]