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Republican Plan for New Tax Code to Be Unveiled This Month

Mr. Brady said at the meeting that the plan was for the budget process to be completed in the House and Senate by mid-October.Continue reading the main story“No budget, no tax reform,” Mr. Brady said, trying to raise pressure on hard-line conservatives who have said they would not support a budget plan before seeing the details of the tax overhaul.Newsletter Sign UpContinue reading the main storyThank you for subscribing.An error has occurred. […]

Cyborg bacteria turn carbon dioxide into chemicals and fuels with zero waste

Forget about Tony Stark or the Bionic Man, the real cyborg action starts with microscopic swamp creatures […]

Soil education: There’s an app for that

The new free Starting with Soil app offers a “playful, visually rich way” of helping kids (and adults) learn about healthy soil, which is a crucial part of our food system. […]

Asking how to save coral reefs leads to better understanding carbon sequestration

Carbon sequestration, the technology taking carbon dioxide out of fossil fuel emissions, just got a boost […]

How to clean a sleeping bag

Learn how to care properly for your bag, and you might not have to wash it for years. […]

Roman concrete lasts a long time, but it won’t stop rising seas

New research sheds new light on why Roman concrete is so strong and water resistant, but let’s not get carried away here. […]

Flat pack Bait Hive attracts bee swarms inside for safer & easier relocation (Video)

This simple, foldable bee box attracts roaming bee swarms with a pheromone lure, and helps beekeepers safely relocate bees. […]