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As Trump Appeals to Farmers, Some of His Policies Don’t


The rest is here: As Trump Appeals to Farmers, Some of His Policies Don’t

U.S. Tax Bill May Inspire Cuts Globally, While Fueling Trade Tensions

“It’s a huge incentive to governments around the world who want to see more investment to be part of that,” said Andrew Mackenzie, the chief executive of the mining giant B.H.P. Billiton, which has its headquarters in Australia and major operations in North and South America. “They will have to follow suit.”Corporate rates were already on a downward trajectory. Many countries have used low taxes as an advantage over the United States, which offers a huge domestic market, plentiful venture capital and relatively light workplace regulation.“There will be pressure for a new round of lowering corporate taxes,” said Stefano Micossi, the director general of Assonime, an Italian association of publicly listed companies.China, a frequent target of Mr. […]

News Analysis: Why Trump, After North Korea’s Blast, Aimed His Sharpest Fire at the South

Thus, what was supposed to be a calm holiday weekend dissolved into jitters over a dual threat: the specter of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula, and the possibility of an economic standoff among world powers, as Mr. Trump considers walking away from a major trade agreement with South Korea as early as this week.Administration officials said Mr. Trump’s attack-on-all-fronts approach was necessary to keep the pressure on adversaries and allies alike. But outside observers saw a danger in Mr. Trump’s efforts to fulfill a core populist campaign promise on trade even as he tried to use the issue as leverage on security matters.“In a circumstance where we’re going to need close cooperation with not only South Korea but China as well, he’s coming out swinging at all of them rather than trying to build support and coordination,” said Ely Ratner, a top national security official in the Obama administration. “It just looks so haphazard.”Still, Mr. Ratner said North Korea’s latest nuclear test could finally spur China, which views nuclear tests as far more serious than the North’s series of ballistic missile launches, to undertake a more serious crackdown on its neighbor.“I think the nuclear test has a chance of pushing China into a place it’s never been before,” Mr. Ratner said.In a salvo of Twitter messages over six hours on Sunday, Mr. Trump called North Korea’s biggest nuclear test to date “very hostile and dangerous.” In invoking South Korean “appeasement,” he criticized Seoul’s proposal to hold military talks with the North, saying of Pyongyang, “they only understand one thing” — meaning the threat of military force.The Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, said that he planned to draft a new sanctions package that would cut economic ties with anyone who did business with North Korea.Continue reading the main story“There’s a lot we can do to cut them off economically, much more than we’ve done,” Mr […]

Feeling That Trump Will ‘Say Anything,’ Europe Is Less Restrained, Too

Mr. Macron, who waved his iPhone around during the meeting as a symbol of global trade, sharply criticized those like Mr. Trump who do not support multilateral institutions but push nationalism instead.Continue reading the main story“We need better coordination, more coordination,” Mr. Macron said. “We need those organizations that were created out of the Second World War. Otherwise, we will be moving back toward narrow-minded nationalism.”Mr. Trump and the British vote to leave the European Union “have proved to be great unifiers for the European Union,” said Mark Leonard, the director of the European Council on Foreign Relations. “There is a renewed sense of confidence in Europe after the French election,” the apparent retreat of populism, an increase in economic growth and the prospect of Ms. Merkel’s re-election in September, he said.“There is an increased willingness to be assertive toward Trump, who makes Merkel look like a figure of international importance,” Mr. Leonard said […]

News Analysis: As E.U. and Japan Strengthen Trade Ties, U.S. Risks Losing Its Voice


Continued here: News Analysis: As E.U. and Japan Strengthen Trade Ties, U.S. Risks Losing Its Voice

Also Made in Mexico: Lifesaving Medical Devices


See more here: Also Made in Mexico: Lifesaving Medical Devices

Germany Reacts to Merkel-Trump Visit: ‘Could Have Been a Lot Worse’


More: Germany Reacts to Merkel-Trump Visit: ‘Could Have Been a Lot Worse’