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Is My Medical Marijuana Card Valid In Other States?

Which States Recognize Out Of State Medical Marijuana Patients? A question that I have been getting more and more lately is ‘If I’m a medical marijuana patient in my home state, are there other states that I can travel to that recognize my medical marijuana card?’ This was a question I wondered when I was [Continue Reading] […]

Over Ninety Percent Of National Drug Control Policy Employees Furloughed During Shutdown

According to numbers released by the New York Times, over 90% of employees at the Office of National Drug Control Policy have been staying home during the federal government shutdown. Out of 88 employees working for the Office of National Drug Control Policy, only 8 have been reporting during the federal government shutdown. Any reduction [Continue Reading] […]

Footage From Marijuana/Alcohol Billboard Press Conference In Portland, Oregon

It was a big day today in Portland, Oregon, where representatives from the Marijuana Policy Project held a press conference to discuss their ‘marijuana is safer than alcohol’ billboard with the public. I think that the billboard is fantastic, appropriately placed, and timely. I hope it boosts the chances of HB 3371 passing in Oregon. [Continue Reading] […]

Debunking The DEA – Radical Rant

The DEA is a thorn in the side of America. How much money is wasted? How long do we have to hear officials from the DEA, current and/or retired, lobby to keep the drug war in place so that they can keep wasting tax payer dollars? Radical Russ Belville debunks the DEA in his latest [Continue Reading] […]

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Interview – Jason Thomas

I met Jason Thomas from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) at the 2012 Denver High Times Cannabis Cup. He’s an amazing guy who works extremely hard to make marijuana reform a reality. Check out his interview with Radical Russ Belville below: […]

DEA Heads Oppose Marijuana Legalization, But Why?

Former DEA heads have come out, again, against marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington. Radical Russ Belville goes behind the headlines to discuss why the former DEA heads feel the need to urge the federal government to go against the will of the voters in Colorado and Washington. […]

Colorado Medical Marijuana Businesses Down Forty Percent

The Denver Post reports on the decline in the number of medical marijuana businesses in Colorado, but notes that the number of patients has remained steady. Medical marijuana patients appear to be getting their medicine somewhere other than the dispensary. Are they growing more of their own? Buying it the old fashioned way that doesn’t [Continue Reading] […]