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Rouhani Urges Calm in Iran as Protests Continue

In 2009, protesters were supporting reformers, but now their discontent appears to be with their leaders in general.In an unusually bold act of defiance, some protesters in Tehran and elsewhere called for the resignation of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and witnesses described crowds chanting, “Death to the dictator” and “Clerics should get lost.”Video shared on social media showed the police in Tehran firing water cannons to try to disperse demonstrators in Ferdowsi Square, Reuters reported, although the footage could not be independently confirmed.Two protesters were reported killed in recent days in the city of Dorud, and there were reports of dozens arrested across Iran.With the Iranian news media tightly controlled, it remained difficult to assess the extent of the protests. But they were clearly severe enough that Mr. Rouhani felt the need to respond.State television also said the authorities would temporarily restrict access to Instagram and the messaging app Telegram, to “maintain peace.” Reports about the demonstrations were being spread on such platforms.PhotoWhat began as an economic protest turned violent on Saturday in Tehran. State news agencies showed footage of protesters attacking banks and municipal buildings across the nation.Credit Social Media, via ReutersThe protests flared against the backdrop of a deep economic malaise in Iran, punctuated by rising prices and high unemployment, especially among young people.Continue reading the main storyMr. Rouhani decisively won re-election in May, partly on Iranian hopes that his successful negotiation of a landmark nuclear agreement in 2015 with big foreign powers, including the United States, would lead to an economic renaissance and greater prosperity in the nation of 80 million.Those hopes, however, have so far turned into disappointment. Despite the relaxation of nuclear-related economic sanctions and increased sales of oil — Iran’s most important export — core American restrictions including a ban on Iranian use of the United States banking system remain in place, severely limiting Iran’s efforts to become less isolated economically.Newsletter Sign UpContinue reading the main storyThank you for subscribing.An error has occurred. Please try again later.You are already subscribed to this email.View all New York Times newsletters.While a few big name multinational corporations like France’s Total and Renault have engaged with Iran since the nuclear deal took effect, many foreign companies are reluctant to make big commitments in the country. […]

Trump’s U.N. Speech Targets North Korea, Iran and Venezuela

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | Sep. 19, 2017 | 2:19President Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea, and said that Iran masked a corrupt dictatorship under “the false guise of a democracy.”Related: article: At U.N., Trump Singles Out ‘Rogue’ Nations North Korea and Iran […]

Iran Sentences U.S. Graduate Student to 10 Years on Spying Charges

A Princeton spokesman, Daniel Day, confirmed that Mr. Wang, an American citizen of Chinese descent, was the man arrested in Iran. “That’s our student,” Mr. Day said in a telephone interview.Continue reading the main storyHe also said the university had known about the arrest for months but had been trying to work quietly to have Mr. Wang freed.In a statement issued after news of his arrest and sentence was reported, the university said Mr. Wang was a fourth-year doctoral candidate specializing in 19th- and early-20th-century Eurasian history who had been arrested last summer while doing scholarly research in Iran on the Qajar dynasty.“Since his arrest, the university has worked with Mr. Wang’s family, the U.S […]

Iran’s President Mocks Trump’s Saudi Arabia Trip as ‘Just a Show’


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News Analysis: In Saudi Arabia, Trump Reaches Out to Sunni Nations, at Iran’s Expense


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Rouhani on Pace to Win Re-election in Iran


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Iran, Puzzled by Trump, Treads Carefully for Now


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