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Mirrored glass prefab from ÖÖD is an instant AirBnB

We get all glassy-eyed just looking at it. […]

A Small Senate Victory Maintains Methane Regulation

The Trump administration’s relentless march to repeal federal regulations is not limited to environmental rules, but the environment is a real target. The shame of these attacks is that rather than seeking to improve and refine our approach to environmental protection, we see a destructive effort at dismantling the structure of environmental law. The attack thus far has focused on Obama-era executive orders, since those are easier to change than rules issued by EPA, sometimes under court order, to implement specific statutory requirements. Writing in the New York Times last week, environmental journalist Coral Davenport reported that: …the Senate voted on Wednesday to uphold an Obama-era climate change regulation to control the release of methane from oil and gas wells on public land. Senators voted 51 to 49 to block consideration of a resolution to repeal the 2016 Interior Department rule to curb emissions of methane, a powerful planet-warming greenhouse gas. Senators John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Susan Collins of Maine, all Republicans who have expressed concern about climate change and backed legislation to tackle the issue, broke with their party to join Democrats and defeat the resolution. The problem with U.S. national environmental law is that, with very few exceptions, it was enacted in the 1970s and 1980s and has not really been updated since then […]

There’s a secret hidden continent beneath New Zealand

Scientists have been studying the huge submerged landmass for decades and are now pushing for its recognition as a continent. […]

First 6 storey wood building in Ontario wins Wood Works! Award

The Templar Block in Hamilton Ontario pushes a lot of buttons. […]

Robot builds a brick wall that a human bricklayer probably couldn’t

It recycles old brick into an entirely new form. […]

Seriously minimalist engineering makes this "family retreat" light and cheap

And why is this on TreeHugger? […]

Surfer couple designs & builds their own 260 sq. ft. modern tiny house (Video)

This lovely tiny house on wheels is now home to two people passionate about surfing and traveling. […]