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New York Today: New York Today: Talking Politics at Work

Weather.init(); }()); Want something else to chat about at work? How about this splendid weather we’re having? It’s going to be sunny today with puffy clouds and a high near 83. On-again-off-again wet weather is on tap for the rest of the week. In the News • Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is pushing for new tolls on some of the city’s busiest areas, a plan that could generate millions of dollars for repairing the subway. [New York Times] Photo Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo touring New York City’s subway system. […]

New York Today: New York Today: Times Square Characters, a Year Later

Weather.init(); }()); It will be a cool summery day with clouds and a high of 78. Nightfall is likely to bring rain, with a chance of storms, so pack those umbrellas if you’re going to be out this evening […]

You can hang your chair on the wall if it’s an Ollie

Here is a clever new design that unfurls with a flourish and retracts with a simple pull of a string. […]

A Bronx Garden For All Seasons

Times journalists around the world bring you a new 360 video every day.Recent Episodes in The Daily 360 The Daily 360 1:11 A Bronx Garden For All Seasons The Daily 360 1:08 Sit With Santa at the Arctic Circle The Daily 360 1:17 Taking Border Security Into Their Own Hands The Daily 360 0:50 The Cramped Quarters of a Migrant Boat The Daily 360 1:31 A Sneak Peek at the 2nd Avenue Subway The Daily 360 2:13 Lascaux Caves, Paleolithic and New Again The Daily 360 3:31 Agony in a Venezuelan Mental Health Hospital The Daily 360 0:34 Catching Big Air at Copper Mountain The Daily 360 1:51 36 Hours in Nairobi Show more videos from The Daily 360 […]

Parisians and Seoulites Walk Together On September 25 "Car-free Day"

What would the city streets look like without cars? On September 25th, two great cities on opposite sides of the globe – Seoul and Paris – will find out by handing over the streets to pedestrians. In both cities, the entire day will be designated “car-free,” banning cars from the iconic Sejong-daero in Seoul and Champs Elysées in Paris. For decades the car and the city have existed in symbiosis as mayors and city planners pursued growth at any cost. Automobiles appeared to offer higher travel speeds, and greater convenience for citizens which should have led to faster economic growth. Yet, as anyone who has ever sat in a traffic jam at rush hour knows, the reality is very different. Crucially, we now also know that private vehicles are one of the main contributors to any cites greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore a major cause of climate change. A person driving a car at 60km per hour emits as much as 1,500 times more greenhouse gases than the same person travelling on the subway. These emissions also cause air pollution that affects the health of our most vulnerable citizens. […]

Photo: Caterpillar sports Generation Z hairdo

This American silkworm moth caterpillar could serve as hair muse for half the teens in NYC. […]

New York City may get wonderful "open gangway" subway trains

They are starting with a small experimental order but really, they should just go for it. […]