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Reusable sponge material can collect oil from both the surface and depths of seawater

This revolutionary new material can be wrung out allowing the oil and the sponge to be used again. […]

Photo: Beaver swims with its nose just above the water

An adorable beaver swims along. […]

Five Things People With Power Don’t Want You to Know About West Virginia

5: Health Impacts From Surface Mining: In recent years a number of scientific studies have been released detailing the health impacts for people living in the vicinity of mountaintop removal mines, including high risks of birth defects and cancer. 4: Company Towns: It wasn’t that long ago, up until the ’60s and ’70s in some places in West Virginia that coal companies owned entire towns. Homes, stores, churches, everything was owned and operated by the coal company. If the people living in the company owned houses lost their job in any way, or were hurt or killed in the mines then their whole family would be out on the street. The workers weren’t even paid with real money; it was company scrip, which could only be spent at the company store, amounting to indentured servitude. […]

Lunar solar power plan is out of this world

Could a giant ring of solar panels on the moon’s equator, coupled with high energy lasers beaming that solar energy down to Earth, be a viable option for the future of renewable energy? […]

Use a Skimming Spade for Garden Weeding

Discover a skimming spade for garden weeding, one of the handiest all-purpose weeding techniques around which uses a sharpened spade run along the surface of the earth to dispatch weeds. Originally published as “Skimming the Garden” May/June 1986 MOTHER EARTH NEWS. […]

Fracking Chemicals Could Hit Drinking Water More Quickly Than Thought – As Interior Mulls Letting Companies Disclose Them After the Fact

Computer modeling of the Marcellus Shale shows that chemicals could reach the surface in as little as “a few years.” […]