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Surprise! Car infotainment systems are a distraction for drivers

New study from the AAA shows that some cars are worse than others. […]

Foundation Started by Charlottesville Victim’s Mother Promotes Social Justice

“We want to see more of that happen and have people recognize that you don’t have to respond in violence. You don’t have to respond in hate,” said Ms […]

Print your own aquaponics garden with this open source urban farming system

Aquapioneers has developed what it calls the world’s first open source aquaponics kit in a bid to reconnect urban dwellers with the production of their food. […]

How organic is your milk?

Organic is supposed to mean cows can graze daily during growing season, but an investigative report suggests big dairies aren’t doing enough of that. […]

HUBB modular furniture system adapts to changing learning environments (Video)

The static, traditional lecture classroom is slowly on its way out. Here’s how the flexible classroom of the future might be furnished. […]

LeGrow is a smart garden system you build with LEGO-like modular blocks (Video)

Perfect for small city apartments, this system allows you to use a variety of add-on components to build your own indoor garden. […]

Rapid smartphone test could diagnose mosquito-borne viruses in minutes

The cheap test could help doctors in developing countries to detect the viruses and take action to prevent more infections. […]