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12 favorite sea slugs of the man who’s discovered more than 1000 of them

Terry Gosliner’s lifelong passion for nudibranchs has taken him all over the world in search of the surreal sea slugs; here are his greatest hits. […]

Doctors say climate change is making Americans sicker.

According to the cover article in today’s issue of the journal Nature, the iconic reef off the coast of Australia suffered unprecedented coral die-off after last year’s record-breaking bleaching event. Now, as the Southern Hemisphere hits late summer temperatures, central and southern sections of the reef — areas which avoided the worst of last year’s bleaching — are in trouble.

“We didn’t expect to see this level of destruction to the Great Barrier Reef for another 30 years,” coral researcher Terry Hughes told the New York Times. Hughes led the team that conducted aerial surveys to document the bleaching last year, as well as subsequent surveys to assess just how much of that bleaching turned into dying.

Bleached corals don’t always turn into dead corals — some are able to recover when temperatures drop. Er, if temperatures drop. If water temperatures stay high and corals stay bleached, they will eventually starve to death. Without coral building reefs, whole ecosystems may disappear, along with the food, tourism, and jobs they support.

Hughes and his coauthors found that even corals in pristine, protected water were likely to be suffering from heat stress, meaning the only thing left to do to protect corals is, you know, address climate change.


Surgeon General’s prescription for health: walkable communities

A new campaign promotes walking for health, but will anyone listen? […]

Hemp Legalization Bill Passed By Virginia Legislature

Marijuana legalization gets a lot of attention these days, but there are significant reforms occurring with hemp as well. My home state (Oregon) just licensed its first hemp grower. Many other states are on their way to doing the same. This week Virginia’s Legislature voted to legalize industrial hemp. The bill will now go to […]

Virginia Governor Endorses Medical Marijuana

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) is the most recent Governor to come out and endorse medical marijuana. More and more politicians are getting on the marijuana reform bandwagon everyday. Whether they actually believe in reform, or are just claiming to do so because it’s a popular political topic, only time will tell. We will have […]

Ride your unicycle all winter, like this Salt Lake City lawyer

Captured in the corner of a story about a car crash, the unicycle lawyer is on every biking website. […]

Before 9/11: Classic Photos of Downtown NYC

LIFE.com pays tribute to the storied landscape of Lower Manhattan, where 400 years ago New York was born […]