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Why I reject the Precautionary Principle!

I reject the Precautionary Principle. What are you nuts?! Just to remind you (via Wikipedia): the precautionary principle or precautionary approach to risk management states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is not harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking an action. […]

The Climate Post: Pope Calls for Sweeping Changes to Address Climate Change

Pope Francis’s highly anticipated encyclical on the environment, which may play a key role in the United Nations climate change conference in Paris later this year, was released today. Among its key focuses: climate change is real, it is getting worse and humans are a major cause […]

The True Cost of Fashion: Andrew Morgan on His New Documentary

Andrew Morgan’s new film, “True Cost,” shows us the devastating environmental impact of the cute, cheap, dresses and shirts we buy and then get rid of to buy some more. While the price we pay for clothing has sharply decreased, the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically. One reason is the difference in how many articles of clothing the average American owns and how long we keep them. There has been a 500 percent increase in clothing consumption in the past two decades. But the U.S. has gone from producing more than 90 percent of our clothing in the 1960s to three percent today. The clothes we buy are produced in factories that do not meet US standards for protecting workers or the environment […]

This Earth Day, Quit Plastic

Did you know that the average person in he U.S. spends $242 a year on plastic water bottles? Or that two-thirds of these water bottles end up in landfills or in the ocean? Our addiction to plastic water bottles is on the rise and the impact on the environment and our wallets is shocking. Find out the true cost of this addiction in this Earth Day info-graphic and take the pledge to ditch the plastic. […]

Tesla: More than 3.2 million miles have been charged at Superchargers

Not bad considering that Tesla hasn’t made that many electric cars yet (compared to their goals for the next few years). […]

Small scale mercury-free gold mining in Mongolia

In many ways, the biggest story in Mongolia right now is the story of mining. A new model for mercury-free mining can protect the environment and empower miners. […]

Who’s Your Pick to Win the Best Internship on Earth?

View videos from the ten finalists for the Sierra Club’s Best Internship on Earth […]