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Pruitt Doubles Down On Big Coal Lie With ‘Pruitt Math’

When Pruitt gave the same lie to three separate networks (Fox, ABC and NBC) on Sunday, claiming that 50,000 new coal jobs had been created since the fourth quarter of 2016 (and 7,000 new coal industry jobs in May alone), I quickly posted a fact check on HuffPost. […]

The Evolution Of Sustainability Education

This past week we celebrated graduation at Columbia University. […]

The Good News For The Dogs In Yulin, China

For the past seven years, the Chinese city of Yulin has celebrated the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, created by the city’s dog meat traders out of sheer profit motives. The animals were trucked in from all over the country, confined to small cages, brutally slaughtered, often in front of other dogs waiting for their turn and before terrified young children. This isn’t a centuries-old tradition, as the dog meat traders have falsely claimed […]

What Cutting AmeriCorps Would Mean For Public Lands

If Congress votes to eliminate AmeriCorps funding, our country’s public lands and waters will suffer.Every year, AmeriCorps members enrolled in service and conservation Corps spend thousands of hours serving at parks and forests. AmeriCorps members build trails, maintain campgrounds, remove invasive species, preserve historic structures, and even help prevent and fight wildfires. […]

Environmental Negligence

The United States population hovers around 320 million people. We represent less than 5 percent of the world’s population – 7.4 billion people, yet, use roughly 25 percent of the world’s resources. […]

You Destroy The Environment, You Destroy Earth’s Greatest Asset

In a month and a half, we have already witnessed the lack of care and decency with regards to climate change and the environment from this administration. They have made it plainly clear that they care more about lining the coffers of industry and their own pockets, than they do about the sustainability of Earth for their own children and grandchildren.This administration will do away with the EPA, pollute our rivers and streams, allow the most-unfair hunting techniques in wildlife refuges, and allow the destruction of wilderness, the “untouched” and “untarnished” places, if it means making themselves richer and the environment poorer.We know that biological diversity is our greatest asset and our greatest antidote to climate change and extinction […]

The Campaign To End the Aquarium Trade In Hawaii Surges Ahead

Aquarium trade extraction may end on Hawaii reefs this year as advocates mount a multi-flank approach. Two bills in the State Legislature would end aquarium permits here this year and freeze existing permits pending a comprehensive, sustainable management plan from the State with language to protect Hawaii reefs from commercial aquarium collectors […]