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Al Franken to Resign From Senate Amid Harassment Allegations

Democrats and their leaders forced Mr. Conyers and Mr […]

Southern California Fires Live Updates: New Blaze Breaks Out in San Diego County

VENTURA, Calif. — The quick-moving fires that have forced thousands of Californians to evacuate their homes continued to sweep across the southern part of the state on Friday, destroying buildings and taxing fire crews that have been working for days.Evacuees in San Diego County, where a 4,100-acre fire remained completely uncontained, told of quickly encroaching flames that left at least six people injured, 25 racehorses dead and 85 structures ruined.“I got the ‘Get the hell out of here’ evacuation,” said Paul Anderson, who fled his home in Bonsall on Thursday. “About four cop cars rolling around the neighborhood. ‘Get out!’ ”The fire Mr. Anderson fled was among seven burning Friday in Southern California, including a flare-up near Alpine in Cleveland National Forest and a blaze in Ventura County that has burned 132,000 acres and destroyed more than 400 buildings. Officials said the Ventura fire was threatening buildings in Carpinteria, Ojai, Santa Paula and Ventura.“This fire just keeps on going on us,” said Capt. Israel Pinzon, a spokesman for the state firefighting agency.Here’s the latest:• President Trump on Friday declared an emergency in California and ordered additional federal aid. His declaration, which Gov. […]

‘Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner Accused of Sexual Harassment

Matthew Weiner became the latest high profile Hollywood figure to be accused of sexual harassment on Thursday when his former assistant-turned-Emmy-winning staff writer on Mad Men Kater Gordon accused him of making inappropriate comments to her on the job nearly a decade ago. […]

J.F.K. Files, Though Incomplete, Are a Treasure Trove for Answer Seekers

Supported byPoliticsJ.F.K. Files, Though Incomplete, Are a Treasure Trove for Answer Seekers??????????????VideoThe J.F.K. […]

Mexico Earthquake, Strongest in a Century, Kills Dozens

VideoGiant Earthquake Shakes MexicoThe country was struck by an 8.2-magnitude quake, the strongest in decades, killing at least 30 people and leveling areas in some southern states.By CAMILLA SCHICK on Publish Date September 8, 2017.Photo by Luis Alberto Cruz/Associated Press.Watch in Times Video »embed MEXICO CITY — The most powerful earthquake to hit Mexico in 100 years struck off the nation’s Pacific Coast late Thursday, rattling millions of residents in Mexico City with its violent tremors, killing at least 32 people and leveling some areas in the southern part of the country, closer to the quake’s epicenter.About 50 million people across Mexico felt the earthquake, which had a magnitude of 8.2, the government said. In the capital, the force of the temblor sent residents of the megacity fleeing into the streets at midnight, shaken by alarms blaring over loudspeakers and a full minute of tremors. Windows broke, walls collapsed, and the city seemed to convulse in terrifying waves; the quake even rocked the city’s Angel of Independence monument.While Mexico City seemed to have been spared extensive damage to infrastructure, according to the government’s preliminary assessment, the effects in the southern states of Chiapas and Oaxaca were probably more severe. The tally of damage — and death — probably will be difficult to assess initially, given that many areas are remote.Alejandro Murat, the governor of Oaxaca, told the Televisa network that at least 23 people had died in the state, and local officials said residents were buried under the rubble of buildings.Luis Manuel García Moreno, the secretary of civil defense for the state of Chiapas, said the toll there had risen to seven, and two children died in the state of Tabasco, one when a wall collapsed, the other after a respirator lost power in a hospital.The effects were also felt in Guatemala, where at least one person died and homes along the border with Mexico were leveled.Schools in at least 10 Mexican states and in Mexico City were closed on Friday as the president ordered an immediate assessment of the damage nationwide. In the hours after the quake, the National Seismological Service registered several aftershocks.PhotoDamage to a building in Oaxaca, Mexico, after the earthquake late Thursday.Credit Mario Arturo Martinez/European Pressphoto AgencyStill, the resounding feeling in the country was one, at least initially, of relief that the damage was not more widespread, given the nation’s vulnerability to earthquakes and the capital’s extreme density.“We are assessing the damage, which will probably take hours, if not days,” said President Enrique Peña Nieto, who addressed the nation just two hours after the quake. “But the population is safe over all. There should not be a major sense of panic.”Mexico is situated near several boundaries where portions of the earth’s crust collide. The quake on Thursday was more powerful than the one that killed nearly 10,000 people in 1985.While the quake on Thursday struck nearly 450 miles from the capital and off the coast of Chiapas State, the one in 1985 was much closer to the city — so the shaking, coupled with Mexico City being on an ancient lake bed, proved much more deadly.After the 1985 disaster, construction codes were reviewed and stiffened. Today, Mexico’s construction laws are considered as strict as those in the United States or Japan.After the quake hit, people in Mexico City streamed out of their homes in the dark, wearing nightclothes, standing amid apartment buildings, cafes and bars in upscale neighborhoods and dense warrens of the city’s working-class communities. […]

Where to Evacuate: Irma Inspires a Travel Search

By Thursday afternoon, JetBlue, American Airlines, United and Delta had all capped their one-way ticket prices out of Florida ahead of Irma’s arrival, although there were still reports of price fluctuations despite the caps.Some airlines and cruise lines have left travelers in limbo. While all cruises out of Florida set to leave Friday were canceled, some cruises scheduled to sail from Central and South Florida remain on course to depart over the weekend. Cruise companies are urging customers to check in daily as conditions evolve.As soon as Irma appeared on the radar, Dave Kartunen, a Savannah, Ga., resident, booked a hotel room 50 miles inland. “Hurricane planning has taken a certain level importance in my family,” he said. Mr. Kartunen, a father of two, has Post-traumatic stress disorder from covering Hurricane Katrina as a news anchor.“Evacuating is sort of a no good deed goes unpunished,” he said. “You don’t want to drive too far because it’s like going on a run – for every mile you go, you’re going to have to go back […]

In Beaumont, Tex., Hopscotching for Food, Water and Shelter

PhotoA flooded neighborhood in Beaumont, Tex.Credit Eric Thayer for The New York TimesBEAUMONT, Tex. — Carrie Chambliss climbed into her husband’s truck on Friday and drove a winding route some 70 miles, plowing through deep water, to get from her home in Mauriceville to a grocery store in Beaumont that had “barely anything” left.For the second day in a row, Beaumont is without running water. With the city choked off by the floodwaters that have swamped smaller towns surrounding it, its grocery stores are quickly running out of staples like bread and eggs while lines of cars snake around a park where officials were handing out bottles of water. Residents are being urged to boil their own water — if they have any.Ms. Chambliss was among the many in this part of southeast Texas who, if they had not fled for drier ground, have gone days without electricity or water. She also has not been able to get to her job, as an X-ray technician in Orange. And her family was worried about her son, who has a brain tumor. […]