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U.S. Journalist Found Alive in Congo; 5 Others Are Killed

KINSHASA, Congo — Five Congo park rangers have been found dead and an American journalist has been found in good condition in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve after going missing during a militia attack, a local official said Sunday.”The American journalist is safe and healthy. She hid in the forest during an attack,” Mambasa territory administrator Alfred Bongwalanga told The Associated Press. “On the other hand, five park guards have been killed.”Bongwalanga said the army found the American overnight Saturday, and called in her rescue. He did not have her name, saying other details would follow. The identity of the assailants is not known, he said.At least 10 people had gone missing after attacks near a security station Friday outside the town of Mambasa in Congo’s northeast Okapi Wildlife Reserve, but six of them, all Congolese rangers, were later found alive, he said.Continue reading the main story […]

Public Health: Congress Is Facing a Time Crunch to Repeal Obamacare

Inaction on health reform complicates some of the policy choices in tax reform, too. The current Senate health bill includes substantial tax cuts and several hundred billion dollars in projected savings. If that bill is not going to become law, it could alter the choices about which taxes get cut or raised as part of the tax-only bill.PhotoOne of many reasons that the Senate would like to pass the health care bill promptly: Members of Congress and their staffs count on summer recess.Credit John Antczak/Associated PressCongress likes its summer vacationIf health reform isn’t wrapped up by the end of the month, it bumps up against Congress’s scheduled summer recess, a time when legislators like to go home to their districts, take a break from lawmaking, spend time with their families, and raise money. Many congressional staff members also go on vacation during the recess. Leaders could, of course, tell lawmakers and their staffs that they need to stick around and keep working until they pass a bill, but the scheduled recess tends to act as a deadline.September is going to be really busyObamacare repeal is a big political priority for Republican leaders and the White House. […]

Summer Again – Julia Gabriel

Summer Again Julia Gabriel Genre: Fiction & Literature Publish Date: March 29, 2017 Publisher: Serif Books Seller: Macmillan / Holtzbrinck Publishers, LLC Book 1 in the St. Caroline Series A sweet summer romance set on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay A wealthy heir called back home by family duty … The town of St. Caroline had never felt like home to Sterling Matthew. Even though the Matthew family could date their residence back nearly a hundred years, Sterling had grown up in boarding schools—and promptly decamped for the ski slopes of Europe after college. When his father falls ill, his mother calls him home to run the family business, the renowned Chesapeake Inn. What Sterling finds, though, is a business on shaky financial footing and a staff resistant to the radical changes he has to make. No matter. He’ll do what needs to be done … and then leave St. Caroline for good. A woman who’s pulled herself up by the bootstraps … For years, Lucy Wyndham wondered whether she’d ever catch another glimpse of the boy she’d crushed on at the Chesapeake Inn’s summer camp for disadvantaged kids. He’d been tall and quiet. Mysterious and aloof. And the owner’s son. Now he’s her boss and the attraction is just as strong—but they’re no more compatible today than they were as teenagers. When he informs her that the camp must be eliminated to improve the resort’s bottom line, she embarks on an ambitious campaign to save it. Even if the price is her job … and her heart. Summer Again was previously published as Falling for the Prodigal Son. […]

A Mail-Order Heart – Janelle Daniels

A Mail-Order Heart Janelle Daniels Genre: Western Publish Date: April 19, 2016 Publisher: Dream Cache Publishing Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC Clara Stewart has every intention of marrying Ivan, her mail-order groom, but her plans fall apart when he dies before her arrival—leaving not one fiancée but nine! When the female-starved town offers them Ivan’s home and claim, Clara steps forward and promises to do whatever necessary to see to the women’s future, regardless of her own attraction to the town’s sheriff. Sheriff Sawyer Morrison had one goal: to protect his town. But when nine women arrive, all claiming to be mail-order brides for the same man, his once quiet life is thrown into chaos. Safeguarding them from aggressive suitors is nothing compared to the inner battle he faces over Clara, a woman who heats his blood… but can never be his own. But when Clara is kidnapped by the same person who’s sabotaging their mine, Sawyer must choose between the life he knew and the future he craves. […]

Celebration, Florida may be destroyed in order to save it

The fire department demands trees and on-street parking be removed so that they can have 20′ clear speedways […]

Here’s one small thing you can do about plastic pollution

A campaign by the Marine Conservation Society wants you to report any #wildbottlesightings on social media. […]

Is the world finally ready for uhü, the plug and play prefab?

It’s an idea that many have dreamed about for years- affordable, moveable plug-in housing […]