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Mexico City Volunteers Venture Out in Force to Aid Quake Victims

Doctors and psychologists waited on call as relatives made their way inside to ask for information. Outside volunteers gathered medicine and water.Mony de Swaan, a resident who was coordinating the center by the light of cellphones, said that as many as seven people remained trapped. With the help of the building’s doorman who had escaped, he had made a list of residents in the seven-story building.A young woman approached the table. “My mother’s name is Mari,” she told Mr. de Swaan. “On the second floor.”Continue reading the main storyHe answered her gently. […]

Feds to remove regulations on self-driving cars and ban States from putting them back

It’s all in the interest of “speeding self-driving cars to market.” […]

Bikes are road vehicles, too

You might think drivers in rural towns would be friendlier toward cyclists, but, believe me, they’re not. […]

M. Hulot tells ICE powered cars where to go as France bans them as of 2040

France plans to ban all gasoline or diesel cars to “make the planet great again.” […]

Teslas sold in Europe have an "Active Hood" to protect pedestrians. American pedestrians? Look both ways.

In North America, styling comes before safety. […]

Tesla’s parking lot demonstrates the fundamental problem of the car: There are too many of them

As Alex Steffen wrote, “the answer to the problem of the American car is not under the hood” […]

How to win-win when cutting environmental regulations and building walls

The art of “umdenken” – German for rethinking the problem […]