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California Today: California Today: A Spreading ‘Yimby’ Movement

Fifty or so stark white crosses dot the desolate road leading to a military training facility in the Mojave Desert.Each one marks the site of a fatal vehicle crash and is stenciled in black with the date it happened.Fort Irwin Road stretches just 31 miles between the Barstow area and Fort Irwin National Training Center, where Army soldiers are sent to get combat ready.Since the military post’s opening in the early 1980s, dozens of soldiers and civilians have died on the two-lane road in accidents linked to speed, fatigue, carelessness — and the design of the road itself.Continue reading the main storyPaved in the 1940s, it had no shoulders, with its edges flush to the desert floor on either side.If a vehicle drifted even slightly off the pavement, a wheel was apt to catch in the sand, said Ken Drylie, a spokesman for the training center.“You put one tire in the dirt and you’re upside down,” he said. “It was going to be a rollover.”The placement of crosses by Fort Irwin officials was initially intended as a warning to motorists, and then grew over time into a ritual.Thankfully, it has become more infrequent since safety upgrades were made about 12 years ago, including passing lanes, shoulders and rumble strips that warn drivers as they drift.Frank Foster, a photographer based in Victor Valley, captured a series of images along Fort Irwin Road.He encountered a few crosses with children’s toys placed on them. “There is one set of crosses where it looks like an entire family was wiped out in a crash” he said. “It was chilling to say the least.”Mr. Foster shared some of his images with us:PhotoCredit Frank FosterPhotoCredit Frank FosterPhotoCredit Frank FosterPhotoCredit Frank FosterWant to submit a photo for possible publication? You can do it here.California Today goes live at 6 a.m. Pacific time weekdays […]

Discover the magic that exists outdoors

Learn how to spend time outside for no purpose other than spending time outside. […]

Pennsylvania SFI Implementation Committee Takes Logger Training for Youth and Harvesting Professionals to New Heights

Gone are the days when children followed their fathers to work in the woods. These informal apprenticeships are a thing of the past because of today’s safety considerations. […]

Help, my house is covered by sticky orange frogs

It’s a vapor permeable air barrier that will let water vapor get out but will keep water from getting in. […]

Why Dogs Shouldn’t Stare — Test Your Canine IQ!

(Teach Yourself Visual Dog Training, Sarah Hodgson; Wiley and Sons Publishing, 2005). A lot of what I teach boils down to one simple rule: dogs and their owners should not stare. Dogs shouldn’t stare down people or other dogs, and people shouldn’t glare at dogs, unless it is to convey mutual adoration or invite play, which I confess to doing all the time. […]

Let food be thy medicine!

Medical schools are catching on to the sensible idea that a good diet can go a long ways toward healing disease. […]

SSDP’s Post-Training Networking Social And Drug War Trivia In Portland

By Stacia Cosner, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Next week, members of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy staff will be in Portland for our one-day Drug Policy Activism Training (and it’s not too late to join us! More information here). Regardless of whether or not you can make it to the training, I hope [Continue Reading] […]