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Prop 64 Gains Major Newspaper Endorsements

The campaign behind California’s Proposition 64 to legalize cannabis for everyone 21 and older announced that they’ve received the official endorsement of the San Diego Union-Tribune. According to the Yes on Prop 64 campaign, this means that “every large-circulation daily newspaper in Southern California has now endorsed Proposition 64.” The endorsement from the Union-Tribune is The post Prop 64 Gains Major Newspaper Endorsements appeared first on The Weed Blog. […]

Chicago just named a street for an environmental justice hero.

After her husband died from lung cancer in 1969, Hazel M. Johnson started a fight against all the things making her neighbors and loved ones sick. She founded the organization People for Community Recovery, and later met a young organizer named Barack Obama. The two worked together to remove asbestos from Altgeld Gardens, her public housing community — a fight they won in 1989.

Obama later wrote about that fight in his memoir, Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. As detailed in Johnson’s Chicago Tribune obituary, Obama was criticized for leaving Johnson out of the story. Johnson passed away in 2011, leaving behind an inspiring legacy that too many people know nothing about. Chicago took a step toward changing that when it renamed 130th Street on the South Side Hazel Johnson EJ Way.

The recognition that marginalized people shoulder too much of the burden from environmental threats inspired Johnson’s life’s work. She was radically ahead of her time. “It’s all very well to embrace saving the rain forests and conserving endangered animal species,” she said, “but such global initiatives don’t even begin to impact communities inhabited by people of color.”


Medical Marijuana Advocate Eugene Monroe Announces Retirement From NFL

In a passionate and heart-warming post on The Players Tribune, Eugene Monroe announced that he is quitting the game he loves. Monroe, who is only 29-years-old, says the decision, “may be puzzling to some.” However, Monroe says he is thinking about his family. “Over 90% of former NFL players that have been examined shows signs […]

New Approach Missouri Files Medical Marijuana Initiatives For 2016 Election

I have followed Missouri marijuana politics quite a bit since 2012. I have long pointed to Missouri as a state that is ripe for reform, even if it’s not one of the first states that you think of when you think of who’s next to legalize recreational and/or medical marijuana. Recreational marijuana may be a […]

Tacoma To Shut Down Most Of Its Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

It’s sad times for safe access in Washington State. After the passage of Senate Bill 5052, more and more medical marijuana dispensaries are getting letters demanding that they cease operations. The latest round of letters have been going out this month in Tacoma, Washington where the city is demanding that almost all of the medical […]

Texas to Tesla: Get off my lawn…

Lone star state is closed for business… […]

Wichita, Kansas, Votes On Marijuana Decriminalization Next Month

I have long been a fan of local marijuana reform efforts. They are obviously not as good as a statewide reform victory, but a lot of local victories can add up. I always say that if you can’t win at the state level, focus your energy towards local efforts. Local victories show the rest of […]