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New York Attorney General to Investigate Firm That Sells Fake Followers


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From Norway to Haiti, Trump’s Comments Stir Fresh Outrage

Mr. Ogrim cautioned that journalists should not overreact to Mr. Trump’s remarks. “These are somewhat small matters and the frenzy with which they are reported does not perhaps always help the media in their just fight with a president who is doing his best to undermine them and their importance,” he said.Gudmund Hernes, a former minister of education and minister of health from the Labor Party, wrote sarcastically on Twitter: “Erna worked: Norwegians are welcome.” (Ms. Solberg is from the Conservative Party.)This was not the first time Mr. Trump had rankled Scandinavians with off-the-cuff remarks. In February, he puzzled and alarmed Swedes when, in a speech discussing refugee policies in Europe, he suggested that a terrorist attack had occurred “last night in Sweden.” No such thing had taken place.“Does Trump know that Norway is neighbors with what-happened-last-night-in-Sweden?” a Swedish social worker, Ulf Fogelstrom, quipped on Twitter.Mr. Trump was then rebuked on Friday by the United Nations human rights office, which described his comments as dangerous racism that opened the door to humanity’s worst characteristics.“These are shocking and shameful comments from the president of the United States,” Rupert Colville, a spokesman for Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, told reporters in Geneva. “Sorry, there is no other word one can use but racist.”Norway (population 5.2 million) and Haiti (population 10.9 million) are both relatively small countries, but their situations could hardly be more different. Norway is one of the world’s wealthiest nations, with rich oil reserves, a mighty sovereign wealth fund and a gross domestic product per capita that is about 23 percent higher than that of the United States […]

From Norway to Haiti, Trump’s Comments Stir Fresh Outrage


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As North and South Korea Begin to Talk, Trump Watches From Sidelines

Above all, the officials said, the Trump administration will resist efforts by the North to drive a wedge between the United States and its ally. North Korea, they said, has a long history of using such overtures to sow dissent between South Korea and the United States, particularly at times, like now, when the countries have governments with divergent politics.The White House also reiterated that Mr. Trump would continue to defy Mr. Kim, regardless of any diplomacy underway. The press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, defended the president’s Twitter message late Tuesday about Mr […]

U.K. Outcry at Trump’s Tweets Reopens Fight Over State Visit

Opposition politicians demanded that the idea of a state visit should be dropped, with some critics arguing that it would place Queen Elizabeth II, as host, in an invidious position.One opposition Labour lawmaker, Stephen Doughty, argued that by sharing the videos, Mr. Trump showed himself to be “racist, incompetent or unthinking — or all three,” while another, Dennis Skinner, referred to “this fascist president.”The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan — who was involved in a separate dispute with President Trump after a terrorist attack in London — suggested on Twitter that the president should not be invited on any official visit to Britain, not just one with full pomp and ceremony.Nor was the anger confined to opposition lawmakers. Sajid Javid, a Muslim member of Mrs. May’s Conservative cabinet, tweeted a strong condemnation on Wednesday of Mr. […]

Why Are Drug Prices So High? We’re Curious, Too

“The whole point of pain management is to take the least amount of medication possible to manage your pain, so that you always have somewhere to go when the pain increases or changes,” she wrote to us. “This is irresponsible and scary ‘cost management.’ ” She did not want us to use her name, saying her employer prohibited her from identifying herself, but she allowed us to share OptumRx’s redacted letter.Her pharmacy benefit manager, she wrote, is “effectively contributing to the ‘opioid crisis’ with its own policies.”A spokesman for UnitedHealth, Matthew N. Wiggin, said it takes the crisis seriously and wants to ensure that people with chronic pain get the appropriate treatment.Have You Had Difficulty Paying For or Obtaining Prescriptions?The New York Times would like to hear from people about their experiences paying for prescription drugs.We’ve closely followed the opioid crisis and efforts to hold various parties accountable, among them drug manufacturers, pharmacies and emergency room doctors.But these stories — about patients who believed their insurers were placing roadblocks in the way of less risky painkillers — felt new to us. The resulting article is on Monday’s front page.We followed up with several of the readers, and searched social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to see if other patients were talking about this (they were).Then we asked for documents: billing statements from insurers, denial letters, call logs and doctors’ records. In the case of our lead example, a woman named Alisa Erkes, she also agreed to sign a privacy waiver allowing her insurer, UnitedHealthcare, to comment on her case.Continue reading the main storyCharles enlisted ProPublica’s deputy data editor, Ryann Grochowski Jones, to analyze data from Medicare prescription drug plans. The results showed that insurers were indeed placing more barriers to drugs like Butrans and lidocaine patches than to cheaper generic opioids.Insurers say that they are doing their part by placing limits on new prescriptions for addictive painkillers, and that they are also doing more to monitor doctors’ prescribing patterns and to catch abuse by patients. Several insurers said they had seen declines in monthly opioid prescriptions, a sign of progress.But their behavior has infuriated many patients, who say they want to avoid taking opioids if possible. They argue that insurers are too focused on a drug’s cost, since many of the painkillers with a lower risk of addiction are more expensive.Our project examining high drug costs is not over. We are already digging into other corners of the prescription drug world, hoping to shed light on more of the hidden forces that are keeping drug costs high. Stay tuned, as well, for more stories that were inspired by our readers.Have you had trouble paying for prescription drugs […]

Trump Confirms Support for Law to Protect ‘Dreamers’

Republican leaders were contacted after the fact. In a curt statement, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, confirmed that the president called him Thursday morning to discuss immigration issues.“As Congress debates the best ways to address illegal immigration through strong border security and interior enforcement, DACA should be part of those discussions. We look forward to receiving the Trump administration’s legislative proposal as we continue our work on these issues,” he said.At this point, any legislative proposal appears to be coming from the minority party. A senior Democratic official familiar with Wednesday’s dinner conversation said the agreement was specific, drawing on language from Mr. […]