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11 outdoor gear companies with great repair or return policies

It’s a sign of quality when companies are willing to stand by the goods they sell. […]

Swiss-engineered premium e-bike offers 70-mile range & 28 mph top speed

The Stromer ST1 X looks to be geared to the hyperconnected city dweller who wants to ditch the car in favor of a two-wheeled electric transport option. […]

The Shadow Broker – Trace Conger

The Shadow BrokerMr. FinnTrace Conger Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers Publish Date: January 22, 2015 Publisher: Trace Conger Seller: Smashwords — WINNER of the 2015 Shamus Award for Best Indie P.I. Novel — When finding criminals is your business, it’s easy to make a killing. Finn Harding (Mr. Finn to his clients) specializes in finding people who don’t want to be found. Stripped of his PI license, Finn begins working for the type of clientele who operate in the shadows, pay in cash, and don’t care if he’s licensed or not. As Finn becomes ensnared in a plot to take over a black market information brokerage, he finds himself and his family straddling the thin line between life and death. With his own clients gunning for him, Finn must evade a psychopathic killer, special agents from the FBI’s cybercrime unit, and a Detroit mob boss. He’s about to find out that working with criminals has its advantages. Staying alive isn’t one of them. In The Shadow Broker, Trace Conger delivers a sharp-edged and gritty tale of crime, murder, and family. It’s a fast-paced crime thriller that holds nothing back. […]

Possession – Jessica Hawkins

Possession Jessica Hawkins Genre: Contemporary Publish Date: November 4, 2014 Publisher: Jessica Hawkins Seller: Jessica Hawkins “Pretty Woman meets Indecent Proposal in Explicitly Yours, a seductive series that’ll leave your heart racing.”—Louise Bay, USA Today Bestselling Author Lola Winters doesn’t think she can escape her life as a waitress—until she receives a shocking proposition from a sexy stranger. Wealthy businessman Beau Olivier wants Lola for a night, and in order to get her, he’s willing to make her dreams come true. But Beau’s conditions are explicit. From sunset to sunrise, Lola must submit all of herself to him—body, mind, and soul. Because nothing is more important to Beau than maintaining control…especially over his possessions. Sometimes, though, things don’t go according to plan. What if one night isn't enough? What if come sunrise, Beau isn’t ready to say goodbye? […]

Getting Worked Up – Erin Nicholas

Getting Worked Up Sapphire Falls Book Two Erin Nicholas Genre: Romance Publish Date: July 17, 2014 Publisher: Erin Nicholas Seller: Erin Hytrek Phoebe Sherwood is in love with the perfect man.  Well, except for the fact that he’s in love with someone else.  But Phoebe isn’t the type to let a little detail like that keep her from getting what she wants. And as she’s plotting how to get him back, she meets the perfect solution—Joe Spencer. The city boy is in town to retrieve his sort-of fiancé—the woman who stole Phoebe’s man— and when he hears Phoebe’s plan to reclaim their respective soul mates, he’s in Bright and sparkly. That’s Joe’s first impression of Phoebe.  He’s always been attracted to sparkly things—like neon casino signs, sequined evening gowns and Porsches. In fact, his affinity for those things, and the trouble they can cause, are exactly why he’s determined to change his habits and settle down. But if he’s going to win his girl back, he’s going to need to learn a new way of life. Country line dancing, guzzling homemade moonshine and getting rid of his custom-made suits are what it takes to fit into Sapphire Falls… and he’s got some work to do. But Phoebe is the perfect coach. And everything will be just fine… as long as they can keep their hands off of each other and remember which hearts they are trying to win over. […]

Lake Titicaca has 10,000 problems and dead scrotum frogs are all of them.

In a report out Thursday, the United Nations Environment Programme says pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists make up nearly half of the 1.3 million people killed worldwide in traffic accidents each year. Even more alarming, it says that about “140 people will die in road accidents while you read this report.”

The fix? The UNEP calls for countries to use at least 20 percent of their transit budgets for bike lanes and safe sidewalks to encourage walking and biking over driving.

Life is especially dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists in countries with weaker economies. Governments in Malawi, Kenya, and South Africa (the most dangerous countries, according to the report) simply have less money to spend on the type of shiny, protected bike lanes you see popping up in Portland, Washington, D.C., and in bike-friendly cities across Europe.

All this suggests some topics for conversation at the upcoming COP22 in Morocco, such as adaptation and how to pay for it. While rich countries like the United States pull out the stops with flashy bike corrals, countries most at risk from climate change don’t necessarily have enough funds to adapt to a warming world.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s 2017 budget is $98.1 billion. Malawi’s total 2016/2017 budget? About $1.65 billion.


These horses just learned to communicate with humans

Norwegian researchers taught 23 horses how to express their needs using symbol boards, and the horses loved it. […]