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The Interpreter: As Vehicle Attacks Rise, an Ordinary Object Becomes an Instrument of Fear

To find reassurance, we look for strategies that make it possible to answer those questions in a reassuring way.After the attacks of Sept. 11, for instance, many avoided flying. People who worked in small, anonymous offices could comfort themselves that only buildings as high-profile as the World Trade Center or the Pentagon were at risk of being targeted.But cars, trucks and vans are all around us. There is no set of rules or limits, short of withdrawing entirely from public life, that would fully protect against an attack like this.The risks of being killed in this kind of attack are low. In the United States alone, car accidents kill 30,000 to 40,000 people a year. Worldwide, terrorist attacks using cars or other vehicles have killed a tiny fraction of that number.But that calculus cannot reason fear away. The possibility of an accident feels different from the possibility of being deliberately, if randomly, targeted for murder.Newsletter Sign UpContinue reading the main storyThank you for subscribing.An error has occurred. Please try again later.You are already subscribed to this email.View all New York Times newsletters.Still, the story of cities has always been one of managing seemingly widespread dangers, including terrorism.In the early 1990s, after Provisional I.R.A. terrorists placed a bomb in a garbage can in London’s Victoria train station, the city removed many of the bins. […]

Suspect in Charlottesville Attack Had Displayed Troubling Behavior

“He was a very quiet little boy,” said an aunt, Pam Fields. “We’re just treating this as a family issue. We’re devastated as a family, and we really are praying for the victims and their families, and we are so sorry that this happened.”Mr. Fields’s mother, Samantha Bloom, told The Toledo Blade that she did not regularly discuss politics with her son and that he had not expressed extremist views. But others who knew Mr. Fields, especially from his teenage years, said that his demeanor and opinions had troubled them for years.“On many occasions there were times he would scream obscenities, whether it be about Hitler or racial slurs,” a woman who attended middle school with Mr. Fields in Florence, Ky., said in an email on Sunday.Continue reading the main storyThe woman, who requested anonymity because she feared retaliation, said Mr. Fields “mostly kept to himself” and “didn’t start fights or try to fight.” But she described him as “exceptionally odd and an outcast to be sure.”“He wasn’t afraid to make you feel unsafe,” said the woman, who was among the students who said Mr […]

Heather Heyer, Charlottesville Victim, Called ‘a Strong Woman’

Mr. Wilson hired Ms […]

Feds to remove regulations on self-driving cars and ban States from putting them back

It’s all in the interest of “speeding self-driving cars to market.” […]

Western Australia getting 70 rural EV charging stations

When you can finally charge anywhere, range anxiety will become obsolete. […]

Carbon fibre pavilion is woven by robots, drones & inspired by moths (Video)

Using computational design tools and industrial robots paired with drones, this experimental pavilion showcases lightweight materials spanning over long distances. […]

Einride solving trucking emissions problem with self-driving T-pods

Self-driving and electric trends boom in cars but face obstacles in trucking. A Swedish start-up aims to drive freight transport to the next level […]