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Behind Bucks County Killings, a Young Life Skidding Off the Rails

But the signs of a volatile, bullying personality became steadily more pronounced over time, especially after an ATV accident last year. Many who knew Mr. DiNardo said that his mood became especially dark.Continue reading the main storyOn Thursday, he confessed to the Bucks County prosecutor that he and a cousin, Sean M. Kratz, also 20, were responsible for the brutal killings this month of four young men who sought Mr. DiNardo out as their marijuana connection. Mr. DiNardo and Mr […]

After 4 Suburban Lives Are Lost, 2 Cousins Are Charged in Pennsylvania Killings

Prosecutors formally charged Mr. DiNardo, who knew the victims, with all four murders and Mr. Kratz with three of them, and both men face a host of related charges.Continue reading the main storyOn Thursday, a lawyer for Mr […]

Doctors Work Furiously in Bid to Save Victims of Hospital Rampage

With gunfire thundering through the hospital, doctors dragged their colleagues and patients out of harm’s way and put them on elevators.PhotoPolice officers responding to the reports of an active shooter at the hospital on Friday.Credit Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images“Wherever the doctors found them, they grabbed them, took them out,” Dr. Sridhar Chilimuri, Bronx-Lebanon’s physician in chief, said on Saturday. “The active shooting was still happening while we had them in the operating room. It’s pretty remarkable how well everybody functioned.”Had doctors and nurses not treated the victims where they fell, those who were shot might not have lived.By Saturday, two victims — those with the brain and liver injuries — remained in critical condition, while the rest had been stabilized. The victim with the liver wound was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan for specialized surgery. The victim with the head wound was expected to remain at Bronx-Lebanon.Dr […]

Bronx Hospital Shooting: What We Know and What We Don’t Know

WHO ARE THE VICTIMS?• The doctor who died was a young woman who was shot in the chest, according Dr. Sridhar Chilimuri, the hospital’s physician in chief. Her name was not immediately released.Continue reading the main story• Five other victims, all hospital staff members, are in critical condition. They are a family services physician, three medical students and a gastrointestinal specialist, the police and Dr. […]

Global Cyberattack: What We Know and Don’t Know

• Cybersecurity researchers first called the new ransomware attack Petya, as it bore similarities to a ransomware strain known by that name, which was first reported by Kasperksy in March 2016. But Kaspersky later said that its investigation into the new attack found that it was a type of ransomware that had never been seen before.Continue reading the main story• ESET, a Slovakia-based cybersecurity company, said the first known infection occurred early on June 27, through a Ukrainian software company called MeDoc. MeDoc denied that its program was the initial infection point […]

New UN report blames pesticides for food insecurity

The United Nations says it’s time to overturn the myth that pesticides can feed the world and come up with better, safer ways of producing our food. […]

Wedded Blintz – Leighann Dobbs

Wedded Blintz Leighann Dobbs Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers Publish Date: October 6, 2013 Publisher: Leighann Dobbs Seller: Lee Dobbins Lexy Baker is finally tying the knot with hunky homicide detective Jack Perillo. She’s planned the perfect wedding right down to her custom designed gown. Nothing can go wrong. … Until Lexy stumbles across a double murder and one of the victims is a Bridezilla that Lexy had a major fight with just hours before. This time Jack can’t help her because he’s been taken off the case and the gum chewing ditzy rookie that’s replaced him has put Lexy at the top of the suspect list. Lexy calls on her amateur detective grandmother to help her find the real killer while she’s juggling wedding plans, trying to run her bakery and entertaining her parents who are in town for the wedding. Will Lexy end up with handcuffs slapped on her wrist instead of a wedding ring slid on her finger? […]