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Trump on Sessions’s Recusal From Russia Investigation: ‘Very Unfair’

Jul. […]

News Roundup For April 10, 2017

Judge Neil Gorsuch is confirmed just like this news.1. Trump officials are urging Vladimir Putin to break ties with Assad. […]

Wine tasters have fruit flies to thank for their jobs

Fruit flies play a role in all those fruity flavors we detect as we take whiff of wine fumes. Find out how. […]

Polish City Erects Statue of Peeing Lenin

The Polish town of Nowa Huta, near Krakow, has erected a statue of the Vladimir Lenin to take the place of the iconic monument to the Communist revolutionary that once stood in the town, but the new version is a bit different from the old. Polish town erects statue of a urinating Lenin bit.ly/1irvwOh #Poland http://t.co/CM2QVZhIW9— Ian Geldard (@igeldard) June 12, 2014 Unlike the old Lenin statue, which was removed from the town’s main street in 1989, Nowa Huta’s new Lenin is bright green and features Lenin relieving himself, complete with a strategically placed fountain to round out the effect. The figure is even called Fountain of the Future. One of the statue’s creators said the sculpture will show visitors that Nowa Huta is not merely a “grey and gloomy” town, The Telegraph reports. [The Telegraph] […]

Study: Crocodiles able to climb trees

As far as discoveries go, this is a somewhat terrifying one, assuming one has a healthy respect for crocodiles on the ground. […]

Clever! Alligators and crocodiles use tools to hunt

A study has revealed that alligators and crocodiles have been observed cleverly using tools to lure prey in close enough for a chomp. […]

Stock Market Deja Vu: Feeling Like 2011 All Over Again

Last year was a rollercoaster ride for the stock market. Now it looks like we may be in for more of the same. […]