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As a 2-State Solution Loses Steam, a 1-State Plan Gains Traction

Eventually, he said, what’s left of the Palestinian areas could become part of Jordan or Egypt, or become some kind of “state-minus” with limited sovereignty. In the meantime, Mr. Kisch said, he would be willing to give full Israeli citizenship to only about 30,000 West Bank Palestinians who live in areas where he wants Israel to assert sovereignty.Such a move would be unacceptable to the Palestinians.What these two sharply different one-state visions share is a conviction that a two-state solution is out of reach.To be sure, the P.L.O. is not giving up entirely on a two-state solution. It is still pursuing other diplomatic avenues. On Friday, for example, Mr. Erekat called on Arab League member states to act on past commitments to cut ties with any country that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.“We realize we have to be careful to make sure that the world does not misunderstand us,” Mr. Barghouti said in an interview. “If the two-state solution dies, it will be the responsibility of Israel, not the Palestinians. But if the Israelis kill it, which they’re in the process of doing now, unfortunately with the help of Trump’s administration, then the only option will be for us to fight the apartheid system and bring it down, which means one state with equal rights for everybody.”And there is skepticism among both Palestinians and Israelis that Palestinian leaders like Mr […]

Where Are India’s Heat Hotspots?

This commentary originally appeared in The Rand Blog. by Gulrez Shah Azhar and Jaime Madrigano Heat waves across the world have killed tens of thousands of people since the turn of the century. In the U.S., more people die from deaths related to heat than all other natural phenomena combined. Parts of West Asia are expected to become inhospitable to human life by the end of this century. And in recent years, India and neighboring regions have experienced several devastating heat waves, causing the country to increasingly focus on a growing global concern—rising temperatures as a public health threat. […]

Florida manatees can survive for at least another century

In great news for manatees, researchers predict that the gentle ‘sea cows’ will endure for at least another 100 years as long as threats continue to be managed. […]

Chimera – Celina Grace

Chimera Celina Grace Genre: Police Procedural Publish Date: December 14, 2014 Publisher: Celina Grace Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC The West Country town of Abbeyford is celebrating its annual pagan festival, when the festivities are interrupted by the discovery of a very decomposed body. Soon, several other bodies are discovered but is it a question of foul play or are these deaths from natural causes? It’s a puzzle that Detective Sergeant Kate Redman and the team could do without, caught up as they are in investigating an unusual series of robberies. Newly single again, Kate also has to cope with her upcoming Inspector exams and a startling announcement from her friend and colleague DI Mark Olbeck… When a robbery goes horribly wrong, Kate begins to realise that the two cases might be linked. She must use all her experience and intelligence to solve a serious of truly baffling crimes which bring her up against an old adversary from her past… Chimera is the fifth book in the bestselling series The Kate Redman Mysteries by crime writer Celina Grace, author of Hushabye, Imago and Snarl. […]

The Road to a Post-‘Brexit’ Deal

By CAMILLA SCHICK, STEPHEN CASTLE and A.J. CHAVAR | Mar. 14, 2017 | 3:21The British government invoked Article 50, the provision that starts negotiations on the country’s exit from the European Union.Related: article: U.K. Initiates ‘Brexit’ and Wades Into a Thorny Thicket article: Pillars of the West Shaken by ‘Brexit,’ but They’re Not Crumbling Yet article: Article 50: Reviewing the Road Map for ‘Brexit’ […]

Let Us Now Praise A Coal Miner: Chuck Nelson Is An American Hero

Among the hundreds of coal miners I have interviewed over the years, retired coal miner Chuck Nelson has always been among the most fearless truth-tellers in the coal country of West Virginia. […]

Do we have a population crisis or a consumption crisis?

Population growth is in fact slowing down but everyone is using more of everything. […]