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The DC-Tri is like a stand-up electric Big Wheel for adults

And for the young at heart, it’s also capable of wheel stands and drifting. […]

Replace your front wheel with this one, and go from bike to ebike in under a minute

The GeoOrbital Wheel promises speeds of 20 mph, a 50 mile range, and drop dead simple installation. […]

Smart Ped electric assist kick bike is a great new multimodal alternative

Up on Kickstarter now, it is a throwback to the Autoped of a hundred years ago. […]

Now THAT is a fast electric car! (1500 kilowatts!)

You gotta see this acceleration! […]

Steampunk Wheel House features tiny living with a circus twist (Video)

A poetic take on tiny houses, this time in steampunk-styled home that literally rolls around, as part of an exquisite performance. […]

So Long, Kepler: NASA’s Crack Exoplanet-Hunter Falls to Mechanical Failure

More here:

So Long, Kepler: NASA’s Crack Exoplanet-Hunter Falls to Mechanical Failure

Check Out this Great Bike-Sharing ‘How To’ Guide for U.S. Cities!

If every new bike-share has to reinvent the wheel, progress will be slow and we’ll see many failures. But if they can benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of others, we’re well on our way. […]