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Photo: The caterpillar who thought it was a leaf

In which a caterpillar shows yet another fabulous display of mimicry. […]

Do you know how to light a fire?

Here’s my guide, steeped in personal experience, to lighting a good fire that catches consistently, burns without smoking, and establishes itself quickly. […]

California got 50 percent of its electricity from solar power one day in March

This record shows the state is getting close to achieving its ambitious renewable energy goals. […]

UK CO2 emissions fall to Victorian-era levels

The collapse in coal has caused a massive drop in emissions. What if oil is soon to follow? […]

Yet another record low price for offshore wind energy

The tender for a new Danish offshore wind farm is a full 20% lower than the previous record, set only a few months ago. […]

If Bugs Can’t Do It, Birds Won’t Do It

What’s happened to all the songbirds? As a generalist surrounded by subject matter experts, I recently went to one of my science guys to pose that question I’m hearing with increasing frequency from backyard birders to avid outdoorspeople. Whether an accurate assessment or just perception, it certainly seems like we see fewer types and reduced quantities of many of the small birds once thought plentiful, and that the skies and branches are now largely hosting crows, pigeons, mourning doves and non-native finches. My friend, a science guy used to getting questions from this generalist, at first just sighed. People like me know there’s not often a simple 1 + 1 = 2 answer to such questions, as much as we might wish it were so, and he once again said something to that effect before pointing me to a series of papers and articles. To my surprise, what I then read was not about the disappearance of birds but, rather, about the alarming loss of bugs. As appealing as a few less flying insects might sound as we approach long summer nights, that’s obviously not a great thing. […]

How Serra is Establishing a Brand in the Saturated Dispensary Market

Throughout July, we will be highlighting a Dispensary of the Month. This month is Serra in Portland, OR. As a part of this series, we will take a peek into how the dispensary industry is blending within the complex eco-system of the legal marketplace. In the recognized, taxed, and regulated American economy, it’s easy to […]