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Washington Memo: Trump as a Novel: An Implausible ‘Soap Opera Without the Sex and Fun’

“It’s early. We’re getting introduced to the characters,” said John Dean, the White House counsel and Watergate supporting player during the Nixon administration, who has become a frequent author in the decades since. “We’re not quite sure how this story is going to unfold, as comedy or tragedy.”He does have a guess. He pleaded guilty to a felony once.At present, though, the elements for either genre are slotting into place — an Allen Drury novel crossed with Shakespeare, with final touches entrusted to producers for the E! network.Foreign intrigue. Strained alliances at the Capitol. A blundering son […]

Grilling Gorsuch: Why He Won’t Answer


Original post: Grilling Gorsuch: Why He Won’t Answer

‘Aunt Jemima’ Family Demands $2 Billion Cut of Pancake Business

The self-proclaimed descendants of “Aunt Jemima” have sued the brand for allegedly appropriating the images and recipe of living persons while offering “false promises” of compensation. The plaintiffs claim that their great-grandmother, Anna Short Harrington, refined the recipe for the pancake mix along with Nancy Green, the original inspiration for the brand’s ‘Aunt Jemima’ figurehead, the Louisville, Ky. Courier-Journal reports. They contend that an agreement existed to share a percentage of revenue each time the likenesses of their “relative” were used to market the pancake mix and that they are owed $2 billion in compensation, plus a share of future revenue. The brand’s owner, Quaker Oats, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, denies that any such contract existed or that the iconic figurehead was meant to resemble any living person. “The image symbolizes a sense of caring, warmth, hospitality and comfort,” said a statement from Quaker Oats, “and is neither based on, nor meant to depict any one person.” [Courier-Journal] […]

The Rise of Writing Credits in Documentaries

Documentarians (and the Writers Guild) have different opinions about who deserves a writing credit in a documentary, or whether the form merits one at all. […]

Judith Crist, Film Critic, Dies at 90

Ms. Crist, whose enthusiastic and often acerbic reviews were seen in newspapers and magazines and on television, was cited as moviegoers’ favorite critic in a 1960s poll. […]

Frank Pierson, Oscar-Winning Writer, Dies at 87

Mr. Pierson’s richly textured work included the scripts for “Cool Hand Luke” and “Dog Day Afternoon.” […]

Ginny Tyler, Mouseketeer on ‘Mickey Mouse Club,’ Dies at 86

Ms. Tyler was also a voice actor who navigated nimbly from Snow White to Cinderella to Bambi as the original Disneyland Storyteller. […]