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Wildlife And Fishing Gear Don’t Go Together


WARNING: Graphic photos below. As a Wildlife Custodian I often encounter wildlife who have had a run in with discarded fishing gear. I recently was on the receiving end of a Northern Map Turtle who had swallowed a fishing hook. This was my first experience with the actual fisherman bringing out an animal who had accidentally swallowed a hook. Northern Map Turtle who swallowed a fishing hook I full well realize that nobody has this happen on purpose, but most fishermen simply cut their line and move on when they hook a turtle. This action will often result in a slow death for the turtles involved. However, this time the turtle came to us, but we were unable to reach the hook through the oral cavity, so we called on our vet to assist to surgically remove the hook. x-ray of the map turtle The surgery went well. The hook had perforated the esophagus and was removed through the side of the turtles neck. After several weeks of recovery with the help of pain medications and antibiotics the turtle was successfully returned to her natural habitat

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Wildlife And Fishing Gear Don’t Go Together

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