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Syria, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Yankees: Your Thursday Evening Briefing

#briefing-market-module.interactive-embedded .interactive-caption { display: none; } Market Snapshot View Full Overview ____ Photo Credit J.B. Forbes/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, via Associated Press 4. […]

Trump Administration Takes Step That Could Threaten Marijuana Legalization Movement

But the move seemed certain to increase the confusion surrounding whether it is legal to sell, buy or possess marijuana in the United States. Federal law has long prohibited those activities, and in 2013, after voters in Colorado and Washington State voted to decriminalize marijuana for recreational use, the Justice Department deliberated about how to handle the resulting disconnect between state and federal law.Ultimately, the Obama administration decided not to sue such states, and the Justice Department issued a policy memo instructing federal prosecutors to de-prioritize marijuana-related prosecutions in those states — except in certain cases, such as when there were sales to children, gang-related activity, or diversions of the product to states where it remained entirely illegal.That guidance was known as the “Cole memo” after the then-deputy attorney general who issued it, James Cole.The federal government’s hands-off approach allowed a new industry to flourish in states that had decided to legalize and regulate marijuana use and sales for recreational and medical use. In Colorado, one of the first states to broadly legalize the drug for adult use, marijuana sales now top $1 billion each year and thousands of people work in the industry, in jobs ranging from “bud trimmers” to marijuana tour guides for out-of-state visitors.Where Marijuana Is Legal6 states have legalized recreational and medical marijuana, and allow the sale of recreational marijuana.2 states and D.C. have legalized both uses but do not currently allow sales.*21 states allow medical use only.WAMENDMTORMNNYMIMAPAOHNVILCACOARAZNMFLAKHIDCMDDENJCTVTNHRI6 states have legalized recreational and medical marijuana, and allow the sale of recreational marijuana.2 states and D.C. […]

‘We’ve Had Enough’: Conservatives Relish the ‘Fury’ in Trump’s Talk

“It doesn’t concern me,” said Zach Lozier, who was tucking into a barbecue dinner with his family Thursday at the Morgan County Fair in Brush, Colo. “We live in the safest part of the whole country.”But for many, the fact that North Korea has developed an intercontinental ballistic missile that might be able to hit mainland America only underscored their contention that President Trump was right in confronting the Asian nation with tough talk now. And many said they did not think Mr. Trump’s language was necessarily moving the United States any closer to a nuclear confrontation in Asia: The North Korean president, Kim Jong-un, they said, seemed to be doing a fine job of that on his own.“I believe that this idiot over there is trying to make a name for himself,” said Mr. Yu’s friend Ralph Barbee Jr., 76, a Vietnam veteran and former host of a local fishing show who arrived at the Golden Corral in an S.U.V […]

Trump Expresses ‘Boundless’ Gratitude to Fallen Troops

President Trump on Memorial Day spoke at Arlington National Cemetery to express America’s “boundless and undying” gratitude to those who have fallen in battle. Trump described the stories of two soldiers who died in Afghanistan: Christopher D. Horton, of the Oklahoma National Guard and Green Beret Capt. Andrew D. Byers, of Colorado Springs. Trump honored the fallen men and their families, saying “they paid the ultimate price for freedom.” He added, “Words cannot measure the depth of their devotion, the purity of their love or the totality of their courage.” Read more at The Daily Beast. […]

Professional bus homebuilder is at home — on a converted bus (Video)

A tour inside a solar-powered bus conversion that makes you feel at ease. […]

Rustic modern tiny house shows another clever way to do the stairs

There’s more than one way to go up in a small space, and this is one smart alternative. […]

Confirmation Hearing Briefing: What to Watch: Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation Hearings


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